Chapter 8 : Mizuhara Sakuya ③

“A, ano.. Etozawa-kun. For me Etozawa-kun, well… was my first… to do it in this kind of place… please consider…”

“Well, there is no other place around here except this.”


I brought Mizuhara-san inside men toilet room at public toilet. Because I drag her by hand Mizuhara-san only can follow, the moment she hear we will do it here, she hated it.


“Because it was my first time… so, I want to do it on the bed, that is why…”

“… You know, It was troublesome if you said something selfish. Are you joking with me?”

“….! tha, that is not true… I am sorry… I am sorry…”



Looking at how I become annoyed, Mizuhara-san body shrinked and start to apologize.

It seems like my sadism nature was awake when we do urination play from before.

Well, the frightening Mizuhara-san was also cute! I want to tease her more.



“Did I need to ask properly when I take Mizuhara-san virginity? Look, you are already this wet.”

“Hya! uu….”



Mizuhara-san was stark-naked. When I fingered her private part it already wet with her love juice.

Not long after I fingered Mizuhara-san,I can feel a weak sigh began to leak out from Mizuhara-san mouth.

I bring my face close to her and our lips was locked together, and I rub her breast with my avaliable hand.



“U, Etozawa-kun… Nnn…. Aaa…”

“Place your hand on the wall, and turn your ass to me.”



When I whispered this to her ear with sadistic tone, even though Mizuhara-san feel scared, she still place her hand on the wall and turn her ass to me.

A white and beautiful naked girl in the men’s toilet room isn’t suitable at all.

To make your beautiful classmate go naked and push her ass to you make me aroused.

When I stroke her round and tight white ass, I look down at the beautiful Mizuhara-san back and requested.



“Hora, Mizuhara-san. Try to beg me to take your virginity.”

“Uu… M, my virginity… I will give… Please take it…..”



Hearing her word, I give a slap to Mizuhara-san ass. “Hya!” Mizuhara-san give out a short shout.


“It is no good if you speak like that. You should arrange the word properly.”

“A, arrange….?”

“You should arrange it so I feel like putting my meat stick inside you. Hora, you can do it! Mizuhara-san can do it! You can do it!”

“Uu… yes… I will do my best…”



Mizuhara-san already become teary. But because her affection level was controlled by me, she will listen to whatever I want.

Even if she only receive terrible treatment, her love for me will never shake.



“A, Ano… Etozawa-kun… meat stick… please… give it… to me…”





“More Erotic! More Sexy! I believe Mizuhara-san has potential for that! Do your best!”

“Y, Yes…. Ano. Etozawa-kun meat stick… Please… put it inside my dirty virgin pussy…”

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“You have improve! But you need to do much better! Do your best! I am certain you can do it!”

“Mou… It was impossible. It is so embarrassing…”



Mizuhara-san eyes become teary when she beg me.

But, for me this situation already become fun. I keep saying ‘don,t give up, You can do it!’ Or ‘You can do it!’



Even though I keep rejecting her demand, Mizuhara-san repeating to [begging me] as I requested.

Because I keep slapping Mizuhara-san ass when I reject her, Mizuhara-san ass now already become deep red.

And at last… Mizuhara-san [begging] was able to satisfied me.




I spread Mizuhara-san private part with my finger, the inside of her sloppy private part was exposed to me.

Her pink private park look lewd with all that love juice she poured out.

While sticking her ass to me, Mizuhara-san looks back and began to beg me with her sexy voice.



“Etozawa-kun. Sakuya private part is itching… my virgin pussy, want Etozawa-kun meat stick…”


As if to prove her words, her love juice start to poured out from her private part.


“Please look…, please look at Sakuya lewd virgin Pussy that was dripping with love juice… Please, I can’t stand it anymore. Please pierce Sakuya bitch pussy, with Etozawa-kun penis and fuck me till I become pregnant….”

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Mizuhara-san beg me while playing with her dirty private part with her finger. And she play with her breast with another free hand, the look of her seems like she has turned into an idiot.


Looking at the figure of Mizuhara-san, I….


“I think you are overdone it… Uwa…”

“Eee!? Etozawa-kun is awful! Even though I did my best for Etozawa-kun while being embarrassed….”

“E, a, sorry sorry… I’m sorry… okay?”

“Yo, you didn’t need to apologize…”



Because it was too erotic I was calmed unconsciously.

It seems like I have gone too far. The pure and innocent Mizuhara-san that can calm people heart just by looking become erotic virgin bitch.

It seems like Mizuhara-san has calmed down too, and when she remember the time she [beg] her face was become deep red with embarrassment while her eyes become teary.



“… Mmm. Maa, The ecchi Mizuhara was good too. It was fresh to look at Mizuhara-san like this.”


While I cheer Mizuhara-san up, I start to take off my belt and take my meat stick out.

Even though I have calmed down, the erotic figure of the beautiful girl in front of me make it hard again in no time.

Mizuhara-san hold her breath while looking at me taking off my belt.



“….Etozawakun. … Are we still doing it?”

“Un. Looking at Mizuhara-san lewd private part, my meat stick was standing up again.”

“Y, Ya… Mou, you shouldn’t said it like that….”



I grasp Mizuhara-san ass, and start to aim my meat stick at her private part entrance.

The feeling of her wet private part was transmitted to me from my glans.



“A… hua… Etozawa-kun…”

“Mizuhara-san private part, was so wet, it feel wonderful. …. Look, it start to enter a little bit.”

“A… Nnn… Ya…n….”



When I insert it slightly and move a little bit to tease her, Mizuhara-san waist try to move away and shake her head. But, this movement was serve to raise my excitement more.


“The, here I go. I will pop Mizuhara-san cheery.”

“Un… come… Please take… Sakuya virginity…”



Hearing Mizuhara-san continue to beg from our play before, I lowered my waist, and push foward.


Mizuhara-san womanly part warp my meat stick softly.

She cry out while bearing the pain.

I feel some resistance when I try to pierce Mizuhara-san private part, nevertheless I keep moving forward, before long, there is blood coming out from the place where our body joint.



“U…gh, Ku… It seems like I am careless…”

“It… hurt. Etozawa-kun… wai, wait a minute…”

“It is useless… It feel so good that my waist move without my permission.. Uu… it is so slippery….”



My meat stick was buried inside Mizuhara-san private place.

Mizuhara-san twist her body in pain, but her movement was giving me pleasure instead.

Before long I was able to buried my meat stick down to the root.

I grasp Mizuhara-san ass, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I feel her soft ass touch my belly.



“Look… all of it was inside Mizuhara-san…”

“Ah… Hua… Etozawa-kun thing… inside me…”



And gradually, I start to move my waist a little bit.

I try to suppress my grind but, before long my movement become much faster.


“Ah… Hya… N… Etozawa… kun…”


A sweet sigh began to leak out from Mizuhara-san mouth.

When I violate her from behind, Mizuhara-san cute anus was completely exposed to me. And under it I can see Mizuhara-san lewd hole change as it swallowed my meat stick.

Just looking at her beautiful ass as I thrust inside her, make my meat stick harden inside her.



“Kuh… It feel so good Mizuhara-san… “

“N… Ahn! Ah… Etozawa-kun… I love… I love you…”



Mizuhara-san twist her body while looking at me with teary eyes.

I bend my body down and kiss Mizuhara-san from behind her.



“Aaah…. Etozawa-kun… Nnn… hya…”


When we kiss, I stretch my tongue to invade Mizuhara-san lips. Even though this pose was uncomfortable, we can feel the love for each other so it is good.


Before long I can feel the urge from my meat stick. It seems like I am on my limit.


“Kuh… no good… I am cumming…!!!”

“Ahnn! Ah… Ah…! Hyaaan!!”



Just before I cum, I pull my meat stick out quickly from Mizuhara-san private part. Mizuhara-san cry out coquettishly from this stimulation.


White semen was fired from the tip of my penis and stained Mizuhara-san beautiful ass.

While I ejaculate, I rub my meat stick on Mizuhara-san ass, and with my hand I push open the crack of her ass.

The semen I let out even amaze me.

While feeling the softness of Mizuhara-san ass, I spit out my semen to my heart content.



I wipe off the semen that left on our body with wet tissue, while Mizuhara-san fixed our clothes.

The rustling sound can be heard from the private room in men’s toilet. Before long Mizuhara-san already dress up in her uniform and return to her usual pure and innocent beautiful girl appearance.

However there is the feel of sexyness in her expression, and fevereness in her eyes when she look at me.



“…Ehehe, somewhat I feel embarrassed…”

“Mizuhara-san, was very good in ecchi stuff. Both of your breast and ass was the best. And your private part was wonderful too.”

“Mo, mou! Etozawa-kun is ecchi…”



Mizuhara-san was angry at me while feeling bashful, In fact it feel like a sweet atmosphere of being a lover here.


“Ne… me and Etozawa-kun already… going out, so it is okay…”

“Un? That is right… then,let’s going out.”

“Really!? I am happy…”



Mizuhara-san start to snuggle up to me. It is not like I can said ‘you are the 2nd women for me’


After confirm there is no other people around us, we left the public toilet.

It already evening and the sky already turn dark.

On our way back, Mizuhara-san intertwined her arm with mine and behave like a lover with me all the time.

‘I will see you tomorrow at school’ when I said that she feel reluctant to part with me.



When I arrive at home I can still remember the feeling of Mizuhara-san body.

Now then, who should I have sex with next.