The path He chose

by Kurogane (also on RoyalRoad)

A man who seeks the strongest, one who is rivaled to no one.

Thrust into a world of unbelievable myths of forgotten tales.

A past he must discover as a descendant of a god that is forsaken by the heavens.

A world where he seeks the strongest yet becomes so weak and torn.

The man who is known to be the smartest yet most heartfelt person.

A true heir to unrivaled riches and treasure troves of gold.

This is the story of the man who is recognized only by his family but not to the world,

This is the path He chose

Categories: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Historical , Horror , Martial Arts , Mature , Psychological , Romance , School Life , Sci-Fi , Supernatural , Reader Interactive , Original



Volume 1:

Chapter 1: Arrival
Chapter 2: Reasons
Chapter 2.5: Thoughts
Chapter 3: Wait what?
Chapter 4: Stats and Training?
Chapter 5: Troublesome…Or is it?
Chapter 6: Misunderstandings
Chapter 7: Bane of Beasts
Chapter 8: The fight, the skills and Jealousy!
Chapter 9: The Theory and excessive amount of
Chapter 10: The Elder and another Fiancée!?

Volume 2:

Chapter 1: The Situation and Disappearance
Chapter 2: A new beginning
Chapter 3: The City of Evercliff
Chapter 4: The Tournament
Chapter 5: Cabbages….
Chapter 6: Time and memories
Chapter 7: Fate….
Chapter 8: Dungeons and Giants
Chapter 9: More flipping giants and a Fortress.
Chapter 10: Two Heavens as One
Chapter 11: Ojii-chan and the Legacy.

Volume 3:

Chapter 1: Godly powers, Limiters and stupid
Chapter 2: Two kinds of women.
Chapter 3: Desires are dangerous
Chapter 4: City Hunter
Chapter 5: The Descent of the Demon King
Chapter 6: The Night is Long
Chapter 7: The encounter
Chapter 8: In need of explanations
Chapter 9: The plans
Chapter 10: Explanations and more…
Chapter 11: Another night….
Chapter 12: Traps and a stupid challenger
Chapter 13: The intentional kidnapping
Chapter 14: Incurring his wrath…
Chapter 15: Emotions… [Part one]
Chapter 16: Emotions… [Part Two]

Volume 3.5:

Chapter 1: The Speech and Kidnapped again!?


6 comments on “The path He chose

  1. Wow liked this series. Hope to see new chapter soon. apart from that do you have a schedule or something like that. Liked the comedy also. Also details huh wonder what kind of details they are 😄

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  3. Someone know when this novel will be readded?? Will it be at all ?? This novel is great so i have hope for it.

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