15 – In the mountain’s cave ③

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15th story: In the mountain’s cave ③

“I’m so lucky!” On the road leading to the cave, Sermat Po couldn’t hide his excitement.

He was the last member of Hage’s party. Hage, who has gone missing, was the main force of their party. At first, he was hesitating whether to take the quest, but now, only two adventurers remained at Resser Village. Nina and Sermat are the last remaining adventurers.

At first, he didn’t want to take the quest, but his income became nearly zero since Hage went missing. He needed to do it, whether he wanted it or not.

“Oh.. Another goblin corpse and a magic stone!”

He cut the goblin’s ear off to later show it to the guild as a proof.

“There.. There are still more goblin’s corpses? How weird.”

It was an abnormal spectacle and Sermat noticed it too. As he moved closer to the cave the number of corpses has increased. Of course, he didn’t miss the chance to salvage the ears, but was there a dispute between monsters? Maybe it’s dangerous, but the temptation of free goblin’s ears and magic stones prevailed over his fear. He finally entered the cave. However, it was even weirder. The 1F and 2F were empty. Not a single monster in sight.

Only signs of corpses remained. A monster massacre seems to have occured.

Sounds of cutting could be heard. As if cutting through paper, the orc soldier’s neck was cut through with a sword.
“You… Give me white magic!… Idiot….”
Yu didn’t pay attention to the stinging pain in his head, because of overusing [Depriver]. Yu was releasing an ominous air. There were even lots of monsters that ran away out of fear.

Usually, Yu wouldn’t kill a lot of monsters for the sake of training Nina. However, today he has already killed several hundred.
All this time he has been using [Unknown World Magic Eyes], while depriving monster’s of their skills via [Depriver].
His skills and statuses have all improved tremendously.

Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: None Level: 17
HP: 136 MP: 216
Strength: 51 Agility: 49
Vitality: 47 Intelligence: 61
Magic: 46 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: Lvl. 5
Physical strength up: Lvl. 5
Awareness: Lvl. 5
Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Sword Strike: Lvl. 3
Body Enhancement: Lvl. 3
White Magic: Lvl. 3
Black magic: Lvl. 2
Blacksmith: Lvl. 2
Alchemy: Lvl. 2
Steal: Lvl. 1
Stealth: Lvl. 1
Appraisal: Lvl. 1
Dagger Strike: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 3
Depriver: Lvl. 2

I kept on going and killing monsters. This is the last one…

Not only the boss, ogre (subspecies) is here, there are goblins, goblin soldiers, goblin knights, goblin priests and goblin mages, kobolds, kobold shamans, orc soldiers, war bats, wild wolfs, all of them are there. It looks like they all have gathered here after running away from Yu.

“You can’t escape..”


At the entrance stood a young boy. His body was dyed red from monster’s blood. His armor was in a tattered state, but there’s not even a scratch on him.

Yu casted a fireball, but this time he held it in the air and the size of the floating ball of fire has increased. When the spell was completed, he threw it to the ground, creating a pillar of fire that blocked off the only escape route.

“Huaaaaaa… Oga gaagaagaa…”

The Ogre(subspecies) has shouted and the monsters surrounding him attacked Yu all at once. Once again he casted a fireball causing area damage to the attackers.
It made Kobold Shamans and Goblin Priests to be busy healing their allies.
One by one Yu killed them.

However, they had advantage in numbers. The goblin mages were firing off fireballs, but it didn’t work out well. The sheer number of monsters turned it into friendly fire. When they were no longer shooting magic carelessly, Yu was approaching them, wanting to deprive them. However, the ogre(subspecies) stood between them.

“How annoying.”

Yu wielded his long sword and stopped in front of the ogre.
The ogre wasn’t a fool. He wielded his club and stayed calm.


Yu blocked the club attack with his sword. However, due to the strength difference, he was sent flying 10 meters away.
Where Yu landed, there were some monsters trying to attack him, but he dealt with them using a fireball.

Sermat was watching the unfolding scene from behind the entrance. His eyes were glued to Yu, until he even forgot how to breathe.
“That brat.. He is the taboo child of Resser village. How can he be so strong?”

Sermat watched Yu calmly. He was safe behind the fire pillar and there were no other monsters in the cave. He was watching excitedly from behind the fire, at a young boy surrounded by dozens of monsters.

Yu applied heal on his arm. It was broken when he blocked the ogre’s attack. He also kept on chanting a fireball by sustaining it floating in the air. His [Unknown World Magic Eyes] skill has leveled up and he was now able to see the opponent’s weaknesses. Ogre’s weakness was also shown. It was an ice attribute attack, but Yu couldn’t use this hint.

Yu didn’t forget to deprive the monsters around him in the process. He deprived goblin soldiers and goblin knights of [Swordsmanship], causing their attack to become slower and then burned them with a fireball.

Again, he ran towards the ogre and, with the long sword, delivered a cut while avoiding the club attack.
“Guaaaaaa!” the ogre activated it’s [War cry]. The monsters around stopped moving and became stunned.

Yu prevailed over the stunning effect and swung down his long sword. It landed on the same spot as before, but the ogre seemed to not be affected and moved his club again to crush Yu’s head.

However, at that moment, Yu deprived the ogre of [Body Enhancement] and [Physical Strength Up]. What, in turn, caused the blow to move slower and have less strength.

Seeing that, Yu swung down his sword which reached it’s target faster than the ogre’s club. It landed on the same spot for the third time in a row and that was enough to cut it’s limb off. The ogre’s left arm was sent flying into the air along with the club. It danced like a propeller. The ogre could only watch that with a grieving expression. It died moments later, leaving his anger behind.
The monsters that were stunned were now an easy prey. No monster remained alive. Killed after being deprived of their skills. After that event, the monster attacks in the area surrounding Resser Village decreased drastically.

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