37 – Goblin King ①

37th Episode: Goblin King ①

Goblin king is only a rank 4 or D rank monster. However in the subdue quest it is recommended for three partys of B rank adventurers. This is because of the Goblin Kings [Pack leader] skill.

In Houdon kingdom library record, at year 267, Daelim Empire was attacked by a group of 3,000 led by a Goblin king. It is annihilated by the lion knights that the Daelim empire is proud of but it takes 5,000 knights and the damage weren’t few.

At year 302, the free nation of Hamelin is being attacked by a goblin king with an army size of 10,000 and was devastated.

The goblin king since then was regarded as a natural disaster phenomenon.

“Gyaaa… My arm! ”

Muga hand was cut in a flash by the goblin king.

” What? Just now the goblin king used the sword skill “flash”, it is a sword technique of [swordmanship lvl 4] “. Gratz seemed to be surprised .

After all monster and human have different physical ability. It is harder for monsters to level up their skills but if monster and human with the same level of skill met, monsters will be the winner.

” The spirit of fire, hear my call and obey my order! ”

In order to help Muga, Mimimu used the best [black magic] spell that he can use.

” Gather in my hands, the flame to purify all! ”

The goblin King watched Mimimu chanting his skill.

Then, it began to chant too.

” The spirit of fire, hear my call and obey my order. Gather in my hands, the flame to purify all! ”

(Mimimu: what? It also used the same skill?)

Their chant completed at the same time.

” Soaring Flame! ”

Their spells met in the air and hot air wraps the area. Then both of their spells were gone after they clashed around causing damage to the nearby trees.

” It was my best magic… Lies… ”

” Gugugegege. ”

The goblin king then moves to the back to recover his mana. It begins to instruct the goblins. Goblin, goblin knight, goblin soldier, goblin shaman, dozens of them come out from behind.

Lena in the mean time is casting heal to Muga arm. She couldn’t connect the cutted arm but at least she could stop the bleeding.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen if Lena-chan isn’t here. ”

” Don’t mind it. However this is the best I could do. ”


Yu used his new found technique” heaven’s net”.

He spread the steel spider thread and use mana to spread it forward. He didn’t form a circle like before to detect enemies, but it was in a shape of a fan to search far. The area it covered is far further than [awareness] skill.

He keeps on searching further, looking for unusual number of monster.

“I’m sure Lena is alright. ”

” However the large forest is awfully quiet and eerie today. ” Lalit is speaking his mind. Aside from the black wolf we met in the entrance, we haven’t encountered other monster. Usually it is enough for five minutes for you to stumble into other monsters in the large forest.

Yu is proceeding without hesitation. Lalit also followed behind. He was surprised at Yu’s ability which kills a black wolf in less than 10 seconds. Yu sword play is on par with B rank adventurers.

“Well, we need to proceed deeper because my [awareness] hasn’t found her. ”

” Don’t worry. I’ll keep accompanying you guys. Here Nina-chan, you should use this. ”

” Thank you Lalit. ”

” I’m just lending you. ”

Lalit took a Damascus dagger and gives it to Nina.

” I just lend it to you until I found a good alchemist..”

Yu noticed that the Damascus dagger was enchanted with a skill to cause poison on attack. But it wasn’t a normal enchant.

“It comes with a skill? ”

” Yes it could cause poison on attack. ”

He knows it was rare but enchantment on armor could be done by using [alchemy] but finding equipment with skill is on a different level.

” How can you have that? ”

” I found it. ”

According to Lalit, he found it in a dungeon treasure box and it had a skill in it since the beginning.

He knows that weapon can be enchanted because of that and he already prepared to add another skill in it. He just needs to find a good alchemist. He wanted to impart “HP absorption”  and “MP absorption “. He has the magic balls ready, now he just need to find a good alchemist. However most of them refused to help him because they said it was impossible.

“I know a good one. But don’t expect anything. ”

Then Yu found Lena with his” heaven’s net”. But she wasn’t in a good position. The monster around her are in a large amount. Lalit seemed to have noticed it too and his usual playful expression becomes serious.

“Nina, we’re going to reach Lena but there are a lot of monster. ”

” Understood.. ”

Nina was late realizing it but she understand. She took out her dagger and readied herself.


After Mugas arm was cut off, he is now fighting hard using one hand. Mimimu also almost run out of mana. Gratz is doing his best to cover the party using his shield.

“These puny monster. I’ll turn you into a soup. ”

” My MP… It almost hit the bottom. ”

Goblin king deliberately sending out low rank goblin to wear us out. He isn’t affected by the death of his minions. He is rather happy seeing the party to be weakened.

” Are we going to die like this? ”

Muga is now fallen to the ground. He is exhausted while Mimimu suggested something outrageous.

” Muga is already at his limit. Lena, let’s try to flee using our magic. ”

” However… Muga.. ”

” Don’t worry.. He will be the decoy.. ”

Mimimu is now looking at Gratz and he nodded.

” You guys…. At the end.. You’re doing this..? ”

“…. Disgusting..”

Yu and Nina won’t ever throw me away like this. I wanted to refuse but Gratz already grabbed my arm.

“Don’t say that. There is no other way to survive. ”

“… Disgusting.. Release me..”

“Lena-san, please listen to us. ”

” Gratz, tied her hands and carries her. ”

While we are arguing, the goblin didn’t attacked us. They are looking at us excitedly .

” There.. The number of goblin there is lesser. If you use your magic at the same time with Mimimu, we could make it out. ”

“… Disgusting.. Absolutely no..”

” If that’s your choice.. ”

Gratz then lift my body up and beat me up.

My body is hurting.. My consciousness is fading…

In such a place, I can’t die…

I have a dream of becoming the court magician.

Yu.. Nina.. I still want to have adventure with you guys..

” Gratz.. Use her as a decoy.. It’s just us! ”

However there is a blast occurs in front of them.

It was a tremendous blast. The power blow off dozens of goblin.

From the location that becomes an empty gap on the goblin wall, a teenage girl, middle aged man and a young boy appear.

The girl wears such an angry face. The middle aged man is looking with a rugged look. The boy with a scary face then asked. “What are you doing to my friend?”

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  2. HAHA YU is pissed, and saving your own hide and such will get you no where in that number of enemies. thanks for the chapter. wonder how much destruction Yu can do to the goblin hoard in front of him. time to level up more skills~

  3. okay that adventurer f*** up get their ability and skill deprived, used as decoy by Yuu or just get straight killed by him either way they doomed :v

  4. hoping for a torture session ‘Parabellum’ style on those adventurers next chapter
    thx for the update

  5. against an army, this might be the time for the Specter Magic. If I were in his shoes, I would use that to counter an army. Then once an army is made from zombie goblins, I would use them to distract the enemy army to get closer to fight the Goblin King and steal his skills for an good win. Once the King is killed. Round up the rest of the goblins and steal all of their skills at a leisurely pace with the zombies preventing escape. But since his specter magic skill is at 1, i don’t know how that would work. I think he will definitely strip the adventurers of their skills for harming his friend.

  6. Wasn’t it Taliit who was accompanying Yu and Nina? He isn’t middle aged, as if memory serves, he’s 24. Did Taliit get switched out for Joseph at some point?

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