38 – Goblin King ②

38 Episode: Goblin King ②

(TL note: this time it was kind of weird for the POV.. I’ll explain who is thinking right now)

—-Muga’s PoV——-

Eight energy balls are floating around. It was an enhanced version of fireball,”explosion”. A spell of [black magic lvl 4]. Eight maybe the limit of multi casting the spell, it’s because of the MP limit. That eight balls of “explosion”  are twirling around a boy and was launched around us and killing the goblins around us.

Since the eight fireballs are floating around the boy, he should be the caster. It was incredible because “explosion” could be considered as a high rank spell and was casted by a boy simultaneously eight times.

Beside him, a familiar man can be seen. It was Lalit, an adventurer that is rumoured to be reaching rank C soon.

Probably, I can survive..


While Muga is holding his arm that is cut, he is glaring at Gratz and Mimimu. Gratz is still grabbing Lena and were stunned seeing the three person appearance.

Gratz have seen one of them too. It was Nina. She wanted to help Lena, charging in towards the flock of goblins. Against several hundreds of goblins and the goblin king, the rescuer are definitely crazy.


However something weird happened to the goblins.

Their movements have stopped and the goblin king diverted its eye to the boy.

Yu calmly approached Lena but the goblin around didn’t react to stop him.

“Yu a little while ago was casting magic.. Is he in truth a rear supporter and not a vanguard? And the opponent.. Is a goblin king? ” Lalit was surprised but Yu has to be gratefull to him for not running away when realizing their condition.

” That person is grabbing Lena!” the unusual angry Nina is preparing her dagger, she could attack at any time.

—–Yu’s PoV——

I go to the front and approached the man that is grabbing Lena.

“Survive.. We could survive.. ”

” Yu.. Why did you come? It’s useless… ”

I don’t know why but I’m in a bad mood. I break the arm that is grabbing Lena. For some reason I’m frustrated from a little while ago.

” Gyaa… What are you doing?! ”

” How long have you been grabbing Lena? ”

Lena is in a painfull position. She was crying and it is overflowing, she is crying more and more.

I then decided to see your trash status.


Status window
Name: Muga Sekko Race: Human
Job: Warrior, Heavy infantry Level: 20
HP: 504 MP: 73
Strength: 209 Agility: 63
Vitality: 106 Intelligence: 26
Magic: 32 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Shield mastery: Lvl. 1
Mace mastery: Lvl. 2
Swordmanship: Lvl. 1
Strength up: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Shield block: Lvl. 1
Mace strike: Lvl. 2
Sword strike: Lvl. 1
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Goblin killer


Equipped weapon:

– Steel sword (grade 6): no effect


– Iron armor (grade 6): no effect

– Iron gauntlet (grade 6): no effect

– Leather boots (grade 6): no effect


– Poison pendant (grade 6): increased poison resistance

Status window
Name: Gratz Moff Race: Human
Job: Warrior, Knight Level: 21
HP: 456 MP: 102
Strength: 186 Agility: 96
Vitality: 99 Intelligence: 34
Magic: 35 Luck: 18
Passive Skills
Shield mastery: Lvl. 2
Spear mastery: Lvl. 2
Swordmanship: Lvl. 2
Active Skills
Shield block: Lvl. 2
Spear strike: Lvl. 2
Sword strike: Lvl. 1
Body enhance: Lvl. 2
Special Skills
Beast killer


Equipped weapon:

– Iron spear (grade 6): no effect


– Iron helmet (grade 6): no effect

– Steel armor (grade 6): no effect

– Steel gauntlet (grade 6):no effect

– Tower shield (grade 5): no effect

– Steel greaves (grade 6):no effect


– Ring of strength (grade 6): increased strength

Status window
Name: Mimimu Yumusu Race: Elf
Job: Magician, Spirit mage Level: 23
HP: 165 MP: 302
Strength: 49 Agility: 53
Vitality: 43 Intelligence: 106
Magic: 136 Luck: 26
Passive Skills
Staff master: Lvl. 2
Casting speed up: Lvl. 1
Mp recovery up: Lvl. 2
Spirit eye: Lvl. 1
Active Skills
Black magic: Lvl. 3
Spirit magic: Lvl. 2
Barrier: Lvl. 1
Magic awakening: Lvl. 1
Special Skills
Sharp hearing


Equipped weapon:

– Magician’s staff (grade 5): increased magic


– Magician’s robe (grade 5): increased magic resistance

– Leather shoes (grade 6):no effect


– Healing ring (grade 5): increased Hp recovery

– Elf ring (grade 5): magic effect increased.

“If we combined our strength, we could escape this crisis! Nina please tell this boy. ”

Gratz is saying that while holding his broken arm and looking at me with resentment.

” Are you kidding? You even failed protecting your party. You seemed to be a shield bearer. For you to fail protecting Lena.. Aren’t you a failure? ”

” I already tried my best but look at the number of monsters. ”

” Whatever. You’re only a useless shield.. Then, elfling over there, I know Lena can use [white magic] how can she be in this state? You also can use magic, you guys should be able to hold on. ”

” I’m also trying my best.. ”

Then they gone silent

” I don’t care what happened to you two. Just flee heading to where we come from if you want. ”

Without any wait Gratz and Mimimu run as fast as the wind ignoring everything else.

Just a little bit more.

” Mimimu.. If we escape through the gap, we could make it. ”

” Yeah.. A bit more.. ”

” This is humiliation.. You guys! As soon as I arrive at the city, I will report to the Crimson meteor leader of what you have done. You won’t be alive after that! ”

Gratz is sending intimidation but Yu isn’t affected. It only led to him smiling.

Then Gratz realized. The goblins around that stayed around frozen started to move. Completely surrounding him and Mimimu.

” You…  Guaaaa….. ”


” Boy.. What about me? ” (Muga)

” Don’t worry. It seemed that you were really trying your best. ” (Yu)

Yu is looking at Muga then walked past him. He heads towards Lena and gives her HP and MP potion.

” Hey.. Why are you crying so much? Are you a child? ” (Yu)

” Lena.. It’s all right now.” (Nina)

“I’m a genius.. I didn’t do such thing like crying.. ” (Lena)

” Alright.. Then please rest a little bit here. ” (Yu)

Yu picked up Mugas arm and used [white magic]. He connected the cut arm.

” You can use [white magic]?! ” (Muga)

Muga is surprised and the cut arm is connected. It was a more powerful healing spell than Lena. Even a lot of B rank healer couldn’t do so. Lalit dropped his jaw in the back.

” Although it was alright but please remain seated and recover yourself. ”

Muga wanted to stand up after clutching his sword but he wasn’t in a good condition.

Nina in the mean time hugged Lena. She wiped her nosebleed caused by Gratz. Not a problem since I don’t think he will be alive after that.

” I will be fighting with the Goblin king. I will create some opportunity by mixing magic, Lalit please strike whenever you see a chance. Lena please keep the distance and support us with  recovery. Nina, you will cover for Lena so she could focus on magic. ”

” I don’t have any choice don’t I? ” (Lalit)

” Understood… ” (Lena)

” Yes Yu… ” (Nina)

This time the Goblin king is growling in a low voice. He is also approaching us. In the mean time I look at the status.


Status window
Name: Iavun Race: Goblin King
Rank: 4 Level: 26
HP: 966 MP: 362
Strength: 431 Agility: 247
Vitality: 366 Intelligence: 88
Magic: 163 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Leadership: Lvl. 4
Intimidation: Lvl. 2
Swordmanship: Lvl. 5
Physical ability up: Lvl. 3
Body strengthening: Lvl. 3
Active Skills
Black magic: Lvl. 5
Warcry: Lvl. 3
Sword strike : Lvl. 4
Body enhance: Lvl. 3
Special Skills
Pack leader: Lvl. 2


—-Gratz’s PoV——-

“We will survive from this! ”

” Yeah.. Mimimu you can still use magic right? I’ll use “taunt”  and you could cover me. ”

” Alright. Let’s do this. ”

” Spirit of the fire.. Please listen to my command.. ”

However the goblin comes forward and attacked Mimimu.

” What happened? My “taunt”  isn’t working. My [body enhance] too couldn’t be casted. Mimimu, where is the magic? ”

” My magic… It isn’t activated.. I was chanting as usual but.. It won’t come out! ”

The goblin leader’s sword cut off my thigh and Mimimu isn’t in a better position. Soon more goblins come and we are surrounded.

A goblin knight bit my left arm. Mimimu has his leg bitten and falls to the ground. He already lost his consciousness..

” Darn… Is this my end? ”

The goblins are eating my body alive. The last thing I saw is a goblin opening its mouth wide and coming to my face.

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  2. thanks for the chapter!
    it’s a bit sad they have to die like that, if you are trapped and you need to escape you can’t worry about the ones are around you, if you do that you can only expect die saving the others or die both, the really scumbag thing they do is sacrifice lena instead try just flee, is a guerrilla tactic you wound your enemy partners then wait till they are wearied them kill them, and use it when you cant fight in equal grounds

    • nah that kind of death really deserved for them if they have a little bit brain in their head they can survive running together with their skill “if you abandon your friend, you’re lower than trash” thus kakashi said.

  3. Heh~ Yu is too brutal. They obviously got deprived by him, right? That’s the only way I can see as an explanation to their inability to use the skills they should’ve beeb able to use.

    Thanks for the chapter you guys! You all have obviously been putting more and more effort in improving the quality of your releases, and it shows! I want you to know that I appreciate your efforts! Keep up the good work! 😊

  4. Wasn’t there supposed to be a girl in the party? I thought it was Mimimu, since it mentioned Nine/Lena being solicited by an elf girl, but here Mimimu is described as a he. I might have to go back to check.

  5. They deserved it. Leaving behind someone to save your own life is one thing (especially when you can’t do anything for him anyway) but to attack one and try to use her as decoy is unforgivable.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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