39 – Goblin King ③

Episode 39: Goblin King ③

“you killed… My fellow.. ”

The goblin king is looking at me with hateful eyes. He seemed to be highly intelligent and able to speak the human language fluently.

In the mean time I do enchant magic to give buffs to the party. Lalit was surprised but I ignored him.

” But weren’t you ignoring their deaths just before? ”

It was a provocation and successful. The goblin king is coming with tremendous speed.

Goblin kings [swordmanship lvl 5] was in comparable with top C rank adventurers. However Yu’s [swordmanship] skill is at level 6.

” Huh? Is this all you’ve got? ”

The goblin king failed to land an attack then takes some distance.

” Hear my call and gather in my hand, the flame to purify all. ” (goblin king)

The goblin king gathered a lot of mana and chanted a spell. It was a short cast and has been completed.

” Fireball! ” (goblin king)

The mass of high heat flame is flying towards me. I countered it by unleashing two fireball of my own. The goblin king was surprised. Firstly because I casted it without chanting. Secondly, the fireball is transforming into” fire lance”.

“Impossible.. how? ” (goblin king)

” Why are you so surprised? ” (Yu)

Goblin king seeing his magic tactics failed jumped forward again performing the sword technique ” flash”.

“Eat this! ” (goblin king)

I also countered it by performing” flash”. Our sword clashed but I realized his power is greater than me.

“It seems that you have a lot of strength.. ” (Yu)

Seeing all his attacks to be a failure, the goblin king now is giving orders to the goblins.

” Kill them! ” (goblin king)

All of the goblins are coming towards us. I unleashed eight ” explosion” in the surrounding area, the damage was comparable to a bomb. The goblins were blown away in the blast and those who managed to dodge are cleanly killed by Lalit. Indeed he is a top rank adventurer in Comer city, goblins weren’t a big deal for him. Lena’s magic was also being unleashed mercilessly. Under Nina’s guard, she could concentrate on her magic.


“That boy.. He could cast magic even while fighting with the goblin king. ” (Lalit)

Lalit said that while cutting of the neck of a goblin knight. He watched Yu battle and his sword skill is enough to take him to B rank, above him which is C rank. Furthermore he could use [black magic] of at least lvl 4 to perform” explosion”. Yu’s amount of MP also is enormous, he could cast eight “explosion”  at once. He also is able to use [white magic] and [enchanting]. B rank? No, to tell the truth his skill is already A rank.


“It is easy… ”

Nina muttered that while cutting the neck of a goblin soldier. The dagger sharpness isn’t going down even by a little bit.

The goblin mage that is casting magic from the distance was killed by a magic.

” There.. ”

The” flame lance” also pierced a goblin shaman in the process. It was Lena’s magic and she clearly felt a big difference from her earlier party, because this time with Nina around, she could concentrate and cast magic with confidence. Even surrounded by hundreds of goblins, it feels normal and she wasn’t in a pinch like earlier.


“Fire and wind, becomes a storm that dances in the sky. ” (goblin king)

The goblin king is trying to cast a spell of [black magic lvl 4] “flame tornado”.

“Ugh.. ”

However it was interrupted by” wind blade” of [black magic lvl 1].

“You think I will let you completed your magic? ” (Yu)

My” wind blade” power is a few times stronger than normal. It cut the goblin king left foot in the process.

“Gugigig… Humans! How dare you.. Gyaaa.. ”

My sword is now cutting the goblin  king left arm.

Of course I didn’t kill him directly. I used this time to deprive him.

After his skills were all gone, I sent a finishing blow to him.

[swordmanship ] finally reached lvl 7, it wasn’t too far behind from Joseph’s lvl 8.

[depriver] raised to level 3 too.

New skills gained are [shield mastery], [shield block], [casting speed up], [sharp hearing], [spirit eye], [magic awakening], [beast killer], and [intimidation].

(tl note: (Rambo Wambo: for now I changed vertical mastery 盾術 and vertical strike 盾技 to shield mastery and shield block) )

[spirit eye]: it can recognize spirits.

[magic awakening]: increase effectivity of magic.

[beast killer]: damage increased by 5% against beast race.

[intimidation]: lower a status of someone with a lower level by 5%.

After that I go towards Nina and the rest to kill the remaining goblins.

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  2. as always thank u for the update.
    btw can u guys include the illustration with relevant chapters plzzz?? I had no idea dat Nina got boobs 🙂

  3. um just hearing vertical… do you have anything else that would hint another meaning to it or is it the literal description? went to raws and popped the term into GT and says it’s shield… dunno if thats right or not… maybe it meant it was a protection skill? idk eitherway, but thats just my guess. thanks for the chapter, and wonder how much more powerful the team will get later on. i’m guessing there is another member joining soon in the future though. sorry i couldn’t help though i really want to. ABC(american born chinese) is kinda sad and that i can’t read chinese well at all.

      • thanks for proving it possibly… eitherway, i wonder what the actual term meant. seems like it’d be useful in their party plays if it really was a protection spell or such.

      • Yeah, but if you only put this: 盾術 into GT it says shield… google works in mysterious ways

  4. I don’t know why, this novel remind me of re:monster novel.. Getting a lot of skills, take same skills to lvl it up… The only different is one by eating, one by depriving

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