44 – Rookie hunter ①

Episode 44: Rookie hunter ①

(Tl note: I made some changes to make it more appealing..  «» will be used for technique instead of normal “”.)

We now have proceed to the 8F but the trio is still following us while maintaining a constant distance.

They didn’t show any sign of attacking, maybe they will act at the warp point to 9F or 11F.

” Easy prey! ”

Without caring for the incoming attack and dodging it easily, Ninas daggers triggered a «critical blow» . Usually it can only be activated on a single attack, however this time both of Ninas daggers, triggered it. The poison grizzlys chest is pierced at the same time from left and right.

“Nina, can you blink to that monster and kill it from behind? ”

” Um Yu I haven’t mastered that skill. ”

Her blinking movement seemed to be her special skill. It isn’t detected by my [awareness] when she does it. Of course, right now the trio isn’t in my or Nina [awareness] range but it is within my «heaven’s net» .

When we reach the 9F, we are immediately surrounded by magic monkeys (tl note=formerly war ape). Lena only needed to use «wind blade» of the first level and it immediately killed 3 magic monkeys. I was surprised at her progress. Even if it’s just a rank one spell but she is able to cast it while maintaining her [barrier] stability.

Nina also swiftly beheaded them. When one of the magic monkeys attacked and swinging down its club, Nina could block it and as she got stronger, the difference in strength was apparent. She could push the attack back and eliminate the magic monkey bare handed.

“Whew.. I was scared. “she was running towards me but she was unharmed.

Actually, I am the one that’s scared. She blocked the attack, pushed it back then broke its neck bare handed. That was one of the [assassination skill] techniques.
(Editor Note: edit:new version, but I really would like to see the two sentences connected better…)

There’s one magic monkey coming at us but once again it was cleanly split in half by Nina. Lena right now is being beaten by two magic monkeys, but her [barrier] could protect her. Not for long though, some crack lines could be seen on it.


The sound of glass breaking signaling the end of her [barrier]. I was about to help her however it was too late. The magic monkey attack is now only 10 centimeters from her.


Another loud dull sound can be heard.

“Don’t worry.. I have another [barrier]. I am a genius remember? ”

She said that while looking at us. Her face is pale and turning blue. Of course if you deploy another [barrier] the mana consumption will be doubled.

” Don’t worry, Nina could take care of the rest. ”

After some time, we cleared the area. Next is my job to collect the materials since I have the [skinning] skill. I hope it will go up to level 2 soon. After that I pass a mana potion to Lena. After that we proceed towards the warp platform. Before we triggered the warp pedestal, the trio appear.

“Oh! ” seems like Nina has detected them too. I block the way by casting «firewall» and hit the path using «earth wall».

” Lena, let’s run. ” Nina seemed to understand what I mean and take Lena with her.


” It seemed they noticed us. ” (Bol) ..

” They must have a good level on their [awareness] skill. ” (Zero)

” Don’t worry, I didn’t have time to check the boy and the [barrier] girl but I have checked the thief girl and predicted that this will happen.  She was at level 25 and her [awareness] is at level 3.” (Seya)

“Oh, quite an excellent rookie. ” Zero said that while showing delights on his smile.

They saw a «firewall»  blocking the way and knew what to do.

” Respond to my calls, spirit of the water and consume my enemy. «water stream»! ”

Seya casted his magic and in a few moments the fire has been put out.

” Annoying. ” (Zero)

Then they realized that there is another wall behind it.

” They are pissing me of! [axe strike], «great cleave»! ” Bol used a technique of the second level to destroy the wall and cut it into pieces.

” They really are a delicious prey. ” Zero is excited. When Bol and Seya see Zero, they noticed something has been rising on her lower abdomen.

” I wonder what’s going to happen when I ravage the girl in front of the boy. This is fun.. Fufufu.. ” (Zero)

” I don’t mind practicing my attack to cut of his limb. ” (Bol)

” Then the last girl is my meal. ” (Seya)

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  2. I shall pray to the heaven for the pitiful souls, for the calamity soon befall on them. Please make it gory and bloody, Amen.

  3. Bless you snow! Well it was blatantly obvious they were noob killers, just wondering how much trouble Yuu will face. Probably the girls get caught and he goes rage like on Joseph…

  4. silly dumbasses, you don’t even realize you are all his prey. Well free skills to deprive. they picked the wrong people to mess with

  5. I cannot wait to see…I mean read how they get punished. make them kill each other with their bare hands then bleed the winner and let the monsters kill him.

  6. More likely I am the one who is scared. She blocked the attack and pushed it back and crushed its neck bare handed. That was one of the techniques of the [assassination skill].

    Actually, I am the one that’s scared. She blocked the attack, pushed it back then broke its neck bare handed. That was one of the [assassination skill] techniques.

    My suggestion, take it or leave it. Thanks for the chapter.

    • nice nice, looks better… ok looked up who and that again and you can really use both if you want… interesting. Any idea on how to connect these two sentences better? because thats what really rustles my jimmys 😉

  7. What the i’m like reading the comments and last chapter it talked all about work outs whats with that?

  8. another story about mc sent from a different with a game element. by far i am loving the mc. he is hardworking. he is very smart. not a perverted. he is secretive about his power which is i like.he is not guliable.he is aware of people attention. does care about his companions depend how much time you gain his trust.he does have of sense moralty.if you hurt his friend.he will hurt you more but if you treat
    his friends kindly.he will rewarded you.his power is beyond op but hey i love op character. i just hope the action doesnt go on one hit kill too much. i hope it doesnt fall. the romance interaction is not much but still i can feel he care for the girls slowly turn into a harem.it is cute.the girls personality are pretty nice. i prefer them rather than annoying cocky tsundere. i kinda feel there is a need for a battle maniac six pack short hair girl in this harem because it is fitting. i hope it increased about 4 or 5 girls that seems managable. the story sometimes it get reppetive. it takes a while for the plot turn to a further the direction.i can forgive the novel since it only has two volume. i enjoying this and also thank you translators for your hardwork. may your life feel with joy.

  9. ” They really are a delicious prey. ” Zero is excited. When Bol and Seya see Zero, they noticed something has been rising on her lower abdomen.

    it’s near the end, I think her should be his? or not I don’t pls don’t hurt me…

    • I just had a look at the stuff google translated… didn’t help in the slightest, because there its: “Ze Bae intends 嗤 excited. When Bol and Seya sees zero pair, it has raised zero pair of lower abdomen.” ‘it’ can be a lot of things…

  10. Well I was sure worried for a moment and had a look back to confirm that Zero is indeed a half human/dragon bloke as well as looking at the raws and i can see the translator really takes some liberties. totally removed the word rookie around them lines. changed around stuff thats said vs described etc etc. though it may have been best to do it like that. i digress.
    Zero is laughing/chuckling in excitement/arousal. Seya and Bol look over towards Zero and notice that theres a bulge down there in his nethers. (abdomen, great big area so unless his stomach is dancing around in anticipation of food It’s in his crotch)
    The disturbing thing is that his name is ZePe. Did Authorsan change the name or is that a liberty of translation? No idea if author san like most japanese is basing the names on other languages in specific so maybe it means zero in some language? Zepe or zep sounds shit anyhow so loving zero as the choice translatorsama went with.

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