45 – Rookie hunter ②

45th Episode: Rookie hunter ②

We were able to enter the boss room at the 10F safely.

The trio by now have destroyed the «firewall» and «earthwall». I noticed it using my «heaven’s net» but luckily we managed to reach the warp pedestal.

Actually I wanted to enchant everyone with magic before entering but thanks to the trio our plan is disturbed. After we enter, I barely finished all the enchantment before the boss appear.

Status window
Name: Godibo Race: Cyclops (subspecies)
Rank: 4 Level: 21
HP: 744 MP: 167
Strength: 596 Agility: 126
Vitality: 345 Intelligence: 32
Magic: 109 Luck: 27
Passive Skills
Night eyes: Lvl. 3
Spear mastery: Lvl. 3
Active Skills
Body enhance: Lvl. 3
Spear strike: Lvl. 2
Special Skills


Last time it was the great magic monkey (formerly great war ape). This time the boss is a cyclops (subspecies). It seemed that the boss each time is randomly spawned, not a fixed opponent.

Because the boss is alone, [warcry] won’t danger us as much as usual. Lena started the fight by utilizing «earth lance». It was one of cyclops weakness, earth based spells.

It tried to dodge but Nina is approaching to cut its leg. It tried to stop Nina using [warcry] but it missed. Nina then swiftly cut off one of its leg. After that she takes some distance again.

Lenas magic didn’t stopped there. Two «earth lances» are launched again towards the eye.

“Goko… Gyaaaa! ”

It landed on the designated spot. However she still didn’t stop there. She keeps launching «earth lance» one after another. Nina is cutting the cyclops left hand while the «earth lance » keeps the cyclops body impaled to the ground. Nina seemed to be applying some poison to her dagger since the cut limbs don’t show any sign of regeneration.

In anger it took out the «earth Lance » then tried to move towards Lena. However it falls down again after a few meters because Nina cut off its remaining leg. The finishing touch of course was another cut to behead the cyclops.

“Easy~” Nina could kill it alone I think.

After a few moments a treasure chest appear in the room.

“What is it? ” (Nina)

” This is a book? ” (Yu)

” Book of thunder. . ” (Lena)


Book of thunder (beginner) : lightning magic up to rank 2 could be learned.


” If you read it, you will be able to learn lightning based spell. ”

This book even if it was only a beginner book, it could be sold for at least 20 gold.

“What to do?” (Nina)

“Since Nina and Lena defeated it by yourselves, you should decide it. ”

” Is that fine? ” (Lena)

That statement is obvious. Without any wait, Lena read the book while I skinned the cyclops body. I also tried to teach Nina [skinning] skill but she hasn’t succeed.

“… I become more genius..” (Lena)

It is apparent that she is excited to have learned new magic. Her level also rises to 20, so it is time to take the 2nd job.

” Do we proceed further? ”

” No, the guys from earlier are still there. Let’s just return to the guild to take Lenas 2nd job. ”

After that we used the pedestal to return to the entrance. We couldn’t see any sign of the trio so they should be waiting for us at the 11F. If there is a party fighting the boss, the next party will be taken to 11F instead. Sometimes adventurers used dirty trick to make one person sacrifice to skip the boss room. So, we returned to Comer city while avoiding the trio.

As always when we arrive at the entrance, merchants are lined up. As usual there is a big cage lined up in a corner.

” I can use [white magic]. ”

” I have [physical strength up lvl 2], good for transporting stuff. ”

Slavery, it exists here. The slaves body were thin. They are clearly lacking food and soon death will come if someone doesn’t buy them.

Again.. There is a slave that couldn’t be missed. It was the dark elf girl. She has some bruises on the left eye and neck. She didn’t shout out to gather attention. I don’t know if it’s because the wound on the neck or the dead looking eye of her that already gives up on living. But, I couldn’t do anything about it. I just pass away quickly to dodge her stare.

(TL note: is she the one? Editor: she so is!)

When we arrived, we go straight to Collet.

“Whoa! This is the skin of a cyclops (subspecies). ”

” And, this one has been used but can it still be sold? ”

I take out the book of lighting and put it on the counter.

” Spell book? ”

Then Collet use the time to examine the book. In the mean time Nina and Lena has been slicing a potato-ish vegetable, fried in oil and sprinkled with salt. It’s a potato chip of this world but its a little bit sweet. This kind of food was made by me but for the resident of this world is unique.

“This can still be sold. How about 5 gold coins? ”

” Thank you. I will sell all of it then. Also, this isn’t much but.. ”

I hand some of the potato chips to her. After one tasting bite, it was gone in an instant.

” Wha.. How rude of me.. ” her face is blushing, what’s more two other receptionists are looking at her.

” Don’t worry. More importantly Lena wanted to take her 2nd job. ”

” Alright, please follow me. ”

Collet quickly dragged us to the job change room.

After Lena out her hand on the crystal, her job options show up.

Witch, priest, enchanter, sage, perfumer. While Yu job option is amazing, Lena isn’t too far behind. Witch is available. It was a higher rank than magician and only available to woman, however her true wish is to be a wizzard.

(TL note: I was confused. Remember the school she mention to be able to become a wise man/wizzard, did the author change the plot? Or she need to be a wizzard first to enter the school?)

“To be a wizzard the requirement is [white magic lvl 5] and [black magic lvl 5] .”

Of course if changing the job now, the stats would be greatly enhanced but will need to wait for a while before able to choose the job.

“You could always level up your skill first then return back. ” (Yu)

” That is a good idea. But usually you change your job directly and take it at a later time. ” (Collet)

” I don’t mind waiting for a bit before taking my 2nd job. But, won’t I be a burden? ” (Lena)

” Don’t mention it Lena, I will protect you. ” (Nina)

” Thank.. You.. ” (Lena)

Lena last word can only barely heard. If it wasn’t for my [sharp hearing] I would’ve missed that.


After missing the opportunity to hunt Yus group, the trio is still doing their deeds.

” This time we got a good prey. ”

” Yeah, let’s hurry. ”

” Oh, I’ve been waiting for this. ”

Not long after, 5 people appeared on Labyrinth of Golgo 11F from the warp pedestal.

“You, what are you doing? You’re all ajin! Go away. We have no business with you.”

He used a discriminating terms. Ajin. Is the term for races that are non-human, such as elf, dwarf, and half-dragon.

“Hahahaha. You dare to call us that? ”

Zero is laughing hard hearing that.

” Let’s kill them now. ”

However Zero stopped Bol.

” What is it? ”

” Shouldn’t we make this a little exciting? ”

” What are you saying? Why are you guys spitting nonsense? ”

The other party isn’t patient enough and started to attack. However in an instant, the attacker has a hole on his chest.

” who are you guys? ”

” Seya, have you finished analyzing them? ”

” Yeah. They are only around level 22 to 26.”

“Hahaha.such a low level? ”

In an instant one by one they’re taken down. However they weren’t killed. Only left half dead.

” Please.. Forgive us… This is far enough .. ”

Bol move forward and grabbed a woman’s hair.

” Stoo.. Please stop.. No.. ”

” Oh? Is this your loved one? ” (Zero)

” Yes, please.. Forgive me. ”

” Bol, you hear that? He asked for forgiveness. ” (Seya)

” Alright! ” (Bol)

In an instant,” Guaaaah! ” his hand was cut. It isn’t cut off but it was nearly there.

” Bol, you have such a bad hobby. ” (Zero)

” But not as bad as Seya. ” (Bol)

Seya at this time is casting recovery magic to mend the wound.

” There you go. Bol, this one has been fixed again. ”

With a smile Seya keep on healing the wounded.

” Alright, this is the round two. ”

Bol and Seya then keep repeating their routine. Cut, heal, cut, heal, until they couldn’t scream anymore.

” Bol, Seya, I’m going to taste the woman. ”

Zero said that while dragging the woman body to a corner.

” Alright . ” (Seya)

” Fuh.. I wonder when will I be able to cut the head of that rotten eyes boy. ”

(Tl note: this chapter is turning dark at the last part. Didn’t see that coming.)

Status window
Name: Yu Sato Race: Human
Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanter Level: 25
HP: 687 MP: 1034
Strength: 249 Agility: 201
Vitality: 264 Intelligence: 223
Magic: 253 Luck: 1
Passive Skills
Swordmanship: LV7 Brute strength: LV6
Awareness: LV5 Dagger Mastery: LV3
Physical ability up: LV3 Agility up: LV2
Leadership: LV2 Spear Mastery: LV2
Strong body: LV3 Night eyes: LV3
Fire resistance : LV4 Mp recovery rate up: LV5
Martial arts: LV3 Darkness Resistance: LV2
Trap discovery: LV2 Silent step: LV2
Poison resistance: LV3 ↑1UP Skinning: LV2 ↑1UP
Shield mastery: LV2 Casting speed up: LV1
Spirit eyes: LV1 Staff mastery: LV2
Active Skills
Sword Strike: LV5 Body Enhance: LV5
White Magic: LV5 Black magic: LV6
Blacksmith: LV2 Alchemy: LV5
Steal: LV2 Stealth: LV2
Appraisal: LV1 Dagger Strike: LV3
Spear strike: LV1 Magic Sword: LV3
Martial arts skill: LV3 Enchant magic: LV3 ↑1UP
Magic wearing: LV3 Warcry: LV3
Spirit magic: LV4 Spear skills: LV3
Lock Picking: LV2 Disarm trap: LV2
Spectre magic: LV1 Barrier: LV2
Shield skills: LV2 Magic awakening: LV1
Special Skills
Unknown World Magic Eyes: LV3
Depriver: LV3
Pack leader: LV3
Beast killer
Sharp hearing


Status window
Name: Nina Levers Race: Human
Job: Thief, Assassin Level: 25
HP: 311 MP: 184
Strength: 145 Agility: 262
Vitality: 117 Intelligence: 75
Magic: 54 Luck: 22
Passive Skills
Awareness: LV3 ↑1UP
Trap discovery: LV3 ↑1UP
Dagger mastery: LV4 ↑1UP
Silent step: LV4 ↑1UP
Dual dagger: LV2
Assassination mastery: LV2
Active Skills
Steal: LV1
Stalking: LV4 ↑1UP
Disarm trap: LV3 ↑1UP
Stealth: LV4 ↑1UP
Body enhance: LV3 ↑1UP
Dagger strike: LV4 ↑1UP
Assassination skills: LV1
Lock Picking: LV2
Special Skills


Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician Level: 20
HP: 90 MP: 416
Strength: 18 Agility: 24
Vitality: 23 Intelligence: 119
Magic: 138 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV3
MP recovery speed up: LV2 ↑1UP
Active Skills
White Magic: LV3
Black magic: LV3
Barrier: LV2
Magic awakening: LV1 NEW!
Special Skills

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