46 – Rookie hunter ③

Episode 46: Rookie hunter ③

Today we will proceed to the labyrinth of golgo 11F. It is because we heard that a high rank kobold has appeared on the 11F. What attracts me is the high kobold priest. Not only can it use [white magic], it can use [enchant magic] up to level 4. If I could get the skill,  I will be able to use «energy absorption» and «magic absorption» enchantment.

Since yesterday we found a perfect magic stone of rank 4, it is possible to do some enchantments into Ninas dagger.

“The party from yesterday didn’t returned? ”

” Aaah.. It is too bad, but a little carelessness could lead you to your end. ”

” It isn’t rare. And monster eating their dead body makes even retrieving the corpses impossible. ”

There are some information on the guild that recently a lot of rookies didn’t return.

Originally they said that rookies lack preparation. However they are not that stupid to keep on charging forward just to test their strength in the place of their lives. This week, no new rookie has come back, not even one. So, the rumor of someone hunting rookies spread out. Of course I believe it will be the trio from yesterday. That’s why I proceed carefully.

I used [specter magic ] to raise two undead. I ordered one to go to the boss room in 10F and as I thought, the next one directly warped to 11F. After confirming that the situation is safe, I entered the 11F.

“Our top priority is looking for high rank kobolds. Please be careful, and if you spot a high kobold priest, please leave it to me. ”

” Alright! ” (Nina)

” Finally I can test my new magic. ” (Lena)

It doesn’t take long for us to find them.  It is a party of four, high kobold, high kobold fighter, high kobold wizzard, and high kobold priest.

” Please die! ” it was Nina saying her favourite die phrase. In an instant she had already cut the neck of the high kobold wizard. Truly her near blinking speed is amazing. I need to hurry to take care of the priest.

” Hya! ” Lena casted the lightning elements magic «thunder strike» of first rank. It hit the kobold and kobold fighter. They don’t seem to be dead but were paralyzed because of the electric shock.

In the mean time I used [depriver] on the kobold priest. I successfully gained its [enchant magic] and also some memories of enchantment spells flowed into my brain. I immediately tested one of them, «casting speed up» on Lena.

“It seems 11F didn’t give you guys trouble. ”

” Of course it’s because cause I am strong~” (Nina)

“.. It’s because I’m genius.. ” (Lena)

” We can sell the kobold tail. ”

” Thunder magic is cool.. ”

While I was [skinning] the kobold, Lena seemed to be pleased with her new magic. By the way, since I saw Lena use the thunder elements magic, now I too can use it.

(TL note: it was a cheat eye ability isn’t it? At first I thought it only be able to analyze, now it is able to copy magic? I thought enchantment was special but I was wrong. Our Mc is a cheater)

After that we proceed smoothly, from 11F to 19F, only high kobolds appeared. We found one treasure chest which is unlocked by Nina but it was only containing a silver mirror. Maybe it can be sold to some noble for a high price. Of course [enchant magic] has reach level 4 from depriving lots of high kobold priests.

I raised an undead to check out on the boss.

“The boss in the next room is an iron golem with four golem subordinates. ”

I renew my enchantments and then we proceed forward. After a while, the boss and its lackeys appeared.

” A golem is hard to damage. I can’t fight properly. ”

Nina is afraid to damage her daggers again since the hardness of an iron golem is incredible.

“No problem” Lena said that while casting «earth wall». Usually it was used to block the attack, but now she used it to trap the golems foot. As expected, she is looking at how I implemented my magic and copied them too. After that, one by one of the golems are trapped and she mercilessly casted «thunder strike».

Lenas magic is able to cause some cracks on their bodies. Seems like it was pretty effective. However the iron golem managed to get out from the trap and was heading to Nina. It swings its fist trying to crush Nina but missed.

” Stop.. ”

Lena by now is already casting a «fireball». However the sweat dropping from her explained her condition. Some wind gathered and compressed the fire. It was a rank 4 magic, «explosion».

Iron golems body received the blow and its cracked body is blown to smithereens because of the magic.

The debris flew away to all direction. Nina could dodge it using her agility, Lena protected herself using [barrier],as for me, I didn’t have time to cast «earth wall». Not because I’m not fast enough, it was because I am shocked that someone is so stupid in casting «explosion» inside the dungeon. What if it collapsed? So the result is that some of the debris hit me.

” Don’t you give any warning if you’re going to do that? ”

” No.. It wasn’t planned. Ugya.. ”

I hit her on the head. Of course it was a silly decision to use that inside the dungeon. Fortunately the damage to the room isn’t big. From the treasure chest, we found two items.


Large steel sword (rank 6) : paralysis chance on attack


Steel bracelet (rank 6) : increase defense.


“Ah,it wasn’t that good. ”

” It’s a shame. ” Nina comes out of nowhere and touched my bottom.

” I wonder if your body is hurt. ”

” You’re asking about my body but why are you touching my bottom? ”

” It was.. On reflex? Ugya.. ”

Another head chop was sent flying towards Nina. The girls are now looking at me sulking.

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