54 – Negotiations with the slave traders ①

Episode 54: negotiations with the slave traders ①

Yu wakes up early at dawn. He is trying hard not to wake Nina and Lena, whom are curled at his side. Now, he is going to make the item pouch from the ghoul stomach. The result of the creation from [alchemy lvl 3 ] is an item pouch of (grade 4). It could hold items up to 500kg maximum. After knowing the result, Yu decided that it was better to create more item pouches when his [alchemy] level has risen. He now is making only the required item bags. For Nina and Lena, he makes a shoulder bag type. He also got some decorations from the dwarf blacksmith. After he finished, he continued with preparing breakfast.

Today’s menu is toasted bread with bacon and eggs. When the good smell of bread fill the air, Nina and Lena come while rubbing their eyes.

“Good morning Yu..”


“You guys better wash your face first.”

When they come back from washing their faces, the dish was already served with a condiment of corn salad. Then they continue to eat in silence. There is something wrong. They usually aren’t this quiet.

“so, Lena is there something you want to say to me?”

Her body startled a little bit then she said. “n-nothing..”

“But, I see you have taken your 2nd job as a witch.”

Nina then Lena is looking at each other with anxiety.

“t-that’s because..”’

However they couldn’t say the reason.

In the meantime I put the shoulder bag on the table.

“What is this?”

“This is the item we got from yesterday.”

The total gold we got are 18,700,000 moon coins. The admission of 100 gold coins for the magic school is 10,000,000 moon coins. It was enough for her to enter. However Lena returned it to me.

“I don’t need this..”

“What? Aren’t you saying you need the money to go to the magic school? Become the court magician and recognized as a wise wizard?”

“Because.. if I get into the school.. I will have to leave the house..”

I was stunned hearing that. Nina on the other hand is clinging to Lena while saying “uh-huh”

After that I got no other choice than give her some of the equipment and take the money back.

For Lena: miled cane, gorudoba necklace, and rock dragon ring.

For Nina: demon bracelet, fairy earrings, and dragon bracelet.

They seemed to be satisfied with it then we go to the blacksmith to crush the mithril full plate armor. I hope we could use the mithril to mix it to the robe, dagger and steel spider threads to increase the power.

Then we go to the adventurer guild. When we go there, Collet is handling lots of adventurer, but when she saw us, she immediately give a cold glance to the adventurer and they opened a path for us.

“Yu~ welcome. What do you need today?”

“I want to sell monster materials.”

“Alright, can I borrow your guild card?”

After some examining the loots , she takes it to the back and returns a couple of moments later.

“Congratulations Yu, you have been promoted to D rank.”

“How is that possible?”

“It seemed that it was because the rookie hunter incident. They had some bounty on their heads.”

Some moments later she come back with 30 gold coins. I handed it to Nina and Lena.

“Thank you Collet-san, please take this as my gratitude.”

I then passed her another set of food. Last time she liked the potato chips so she must like this one to. It was a toasted bread with sugar and honey, kind of a self-improvised churros.

“Well, thank you! Everyone, I’ll go take my break now.”

Some of the other receptionist is looking at here with an envious eyes.

“I’ll take my break too.” “me too.”

The other receptionist in a hurry followed Collet behind.

When I walk away from the reception, I saw Lalit there.

“So, have you found someone to enchant my dagger yet?”

Of course I remember my promise, for him helping me I will find an alchemist. However of course it was me.


“Is that true?!”

Lalit opened his eyes wide, he is really happy. When he handed the Damascus dagger, he was in a dilemma, which one should he choose, Hp absorption or Mp absorption. Finally it was decided to enchant Hp absorption skill.

“When will it finished? Because I will enter the dungeon 3 days from now.”

“Don’t worry, it will be finished the day after tomorrow.”

Two days later I come and give him the finished product. He was happy and even jumped a little in surprise. He also immediately head out to try out the skill.

Afterwards I get out of the guild and walked around. I hear the usual voice.

“Come.. that little brother over there.. I have everything you need. Demi-human with strong physical ability, the wolfman tribe. You’re not interested in it? I have other races on stock.”

Of course I ignored his words because, the slaves they sold, was very cheap. Only 1 gold coins or 100,000 moon coins. Yes, let’s ignore them.

However my eyes fixated again on the corner of the cage. It was the dark elf girl. It has empty eyes as usual, tattered clothes and wounds all over her body. I can’t help it but ask.

“Why are you alive?”

However she doesn’t seemed to hear me.

“Why are you alive even if you don’t want to?”

“Because there is no reason for me to be alive. Nobody wants me.”

She said that but I can see something in her eyes. There is a hint of sadness, coldness, and anger.

“if nobody wanted me, I will be taken to a more harsh place. You don’t even want to imagine.”

(Editor Note: some good points were raised, that the conversation is incorrectly translated, can someone look at the original and let us know what’s really happening here?)

Probably she will be sold as a cannon fodder, or even a sex slave. However looking at her, I feel frustrated somehow.

“Old man, I want to buy this one.”

“Oh, you really want to buy her?”

The dark elf girl was surprised. She never think that I would buy her. Then I was taken by the slave seller to a tent.

“so, how much is her price?”

“500 gold”


“it Is 500 gold coins.”

The price listed on the cage is clearly 1 gold coins. Even the best slave sold is only 5 gold coins. Seems like this old man is asking for trouble.


Status window
Name: Lena Forma Race: Human
Job: Magician, Witch Level: 25
HP: 201 MP: 998
Strength: 41 Agility: 56
Vitality: 53 Intelligence: 289
Magic: 397 Luck: 16
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV3
Staff mastery: LV1 NEW!
Magic strengthening: LV1 NEW!
MP consumption reduction: LV1 NEW!
MP recovery speed up: LV1
Active Skills
Black magic: LV4 ↑ UP
White Magic: LV3
Barrier: LV3 ↑ UP
Magic awakening: LV2 ↑ UP
Special Skills

Equipped weapon:
milled cane (grade 4): MP consumption reduction, increase defence

triangle hat (grade 6): HP recovery speed increased
magician Robe (grade 5): magic resistance increased
Stoecker cloak (grade 5): Fire-resistance increased
Ogre shoes (grade 5): magic resistance increased, poison resistance increased, and paralysis resistance increased

Gorudoba necklace (grade 4): MP consumption reduction
rock dragon ring (quaternary): defense increased
Yugu Amulet (grade 5 ): defense up
Ring of Life (grade 5): HP+50, HP up, MP up.

(Editor Note: I made the new equipment green, the author really loves to display stuff)

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38 comments on “54 – Negotiations with the slave traders ①

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  2. awesome job as always Rambo. n of course Snow too.
    on to the chapter. 500 gold? u serious? we know he’s gonna get her but no way he’s paying dat price.

    • Guess since he noticed yu had taken interest on one of his slave he tried overpricing also since hes no more than just a kid with good equipments.

  3. Awesome! If i may ask, what does witch’s attribute best into? I dont see any improvement upon seing lena’s stats. Just so-so, wherein yu’s and nina seems to have increased more than 100?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. It doesn’t matter even if its 1000 gold
    its a freaking dark elf slave!
    any thing that has elf attach must be bought no matter what!

    nothing can beat an elf as a slave!
    thanks for the chapter!

  5. I have a question, previously it was mentioned:
    “Item Pouch (grade 5) : it is possible to store things up 200 square meters in it.”
    and now:
    “item pouch of (grade 4). It could hold items up to 500kg maximum.”

    The different grades have different properties or is there a translation/consistency error?

  6. Something is wrong with your translation.
    I have read the novel with GT more than once, and I’m pretty sure the dark elf is mute. I’m pretty sure the whole time Yu was talking to her, even angering her, but she couldn’t answer. Only her eyes could speak for her. Check the raw again and correct this chapter if necessary.

    • I had a look at gt and I gotta say its confusing as fuck, but these lines: “…… § ………… ~U” let me believe that you are right… Sadly I can’t understand whats really going on in the conversation… So I guess I will leave a note in the chapter and maybe someone will let us know what is really happening.

  7. thats probably why other people who were interested in her before didnt buy her cause the merchant overpriced her!

    now torture the guy and get the girl!

  8. “However they couldn’t said the reason.”

    However they couldn’t say the reason ~ Just a small misspell.

  9. I corrected the conversation between Yu and dark elf so here it is:

    “Why are you living?” (Yu)

    I called out for the first time.
    It seems she can hear me because Dark Elf girl’s ears reacted.

    “Despite not having the willpower to live, why are you living?” (Yu)

    “…..a……….u” (dark elf)

    “Don’t tell me you are waiting for something like a kind person to help you, I don’t think you are so naive” (Yu) (TLC: not sure if after comma is 100% correct)

    A bit of emotions have returned to the pupils of the dark elf girl.

    “Just to let you know, no one will buy someone like you. As you are within a year a year you will be sold off cheaply to even more cruel place. I don’t know your circumstances but your parents are trash.” (Yu)

    “-!? Nn….ooo” (dark elf)

    Looking at her getting irritated. Like me they wait and don’t reach happiness. (TLC: he is thinking about his past self)
    The Dark Elf girl sitting in the cage up until just now, is now reaching out with her hand through the bars trying grab me.

    “HaHa getting angry. Gramps, I will buy this slave” (Yu)

  10. It actually says 500 in the raw, WTH, even over-pricing has it limits, maybe the author made some mistake here, what is the point in selling for 500 when he knows that no one will buy it, the only thing i think is possible is that he is trying to mess around with the MC.

  11. what the last few lines actually say is

    “That slaves ticket price is?”

    “—–500”(yeah at this point he didn’t say shit about what kind of 500 he wants)


    “-said- (he says desu kara. as in following youur question the answer is…) 500 gold coins(yes the term is ‘kinka’. so gold coinage).”

    The other slaves lined up with her at best are no more than 5 gold coins.

    At this pops words my eyes sharpen. (turn into slits. as in who the fuck u think u trying to rip old bastard)

    Hope it helps. Many of these lines won’t ever really translate word for word cause written words just dont compare to the spoken word with all the tone, pace, gesture etc.

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