7 comments on “site status

  1. Glad to see u again. I wonder where’s author GGMAG and Loiterous is. I love theirs Original Novel. I like your translation too. When u’ll continue TDADP ?.

    • i think one of my team start to translate a chapter and i’ll soon translate it again in a week or two.. XD or change into a new project if he wants to translate it longer

  2. ok, but… there’s still the problem with the new site, said problem being that we can’t subscribe to receive email updates for every chapter posts.

    That’s my only real issue with this.

  3. You may not check this site anymore but I’ll leave this here anyway, the new site, if I take longer than a couple seconds to click a link it sends me to a fraud ad page, same thing happens when I do click a link and wait a couple of seconds

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