Immortal God Emperor

Hi! It’s another translated series… I’ve been reading Mtl-ed works so I tought why don’t I translated it as well as I read.. Hehehe..

Immortal God Emperor (御天神帝 免费)

Author: Warrying Blade (乱世狂刀 – Luànshì kuáng dāo)


After thousands year, powerful lineage has been passed from generation to generation. In a small snow country, a juvenile named Qingyu was born. His fate clashed with powerful families and entwined with the will of heaven.

This series is machine translated so there will be mistranslated words but won’t decrease the essence of the story.

Chapter 01
Chapter 02
Chapter 03
Chapter 04
Chapter 05
Chapter 06
Chapter 07

chapter 8

chapter 9

chapter 10

chapter 11

chapter 12

chapter 13

chapter 14

49 comments on “Immortal God Emperor

    • It seems Aran Translations is also translating the same novel but with more chapters and under the name of ‘Imperial God Emperor’ instead.

  1. pft
    when i saw the title i thought it was about Warhammer 40’000… only for a moment

    and I knew it wouldnt and couldnt be

    cant say i wasnt saddened…. well its still not bad

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  3. Hope u surprise us like FBT did to his leechers sometimes. Err, tsunami of chapters. *daydreaming*

  4. This is good novel
    you should make it main project
    some novel like this is already sky rocket readers

    its not inferior to MGA and AGT
    even panlong can be compared to this

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  6. Hey I’ve just started translating this series and is now about 5 chapters in, then someone notified me you had already started translating. Xd. I blame Google search lol.
    Would it be okay for me to continue to translate? I’m not translating through machine

    I’ve noticed you have 10 projects you’re doing right now, it seems like its a lot of work for you, especially considering the pace that you have to release it at.
    I’ve continued translating for the moment, and right now I have up to chapter 9 translated on my computer that I’ll release over the next couple of days.

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