24 comments on “(Finished) The Lazy Dragon Is Working Hard

  1. Goddammit Truck-kun! I’m beginning to think that Truck-kun is a guardian of some sort that sends people form our wold to another world with swords and magic. Either way thanks for translating this! You’re translating speed is abnormal.

  2. lol! Truck-kun really are bringer of both fortune and misfortune although personally I say fortune! lol.
    Just the type of story I wanted, though I hope it maintains its likability lol. 🙂

    Good Luck~! Good work~? ^^

  3. Truck-chan is being naughty,i don’t know why the jap people are obsessed with it, the top five of deaths 5 sneezing 4 death for yandere 3 natural death 2 knife robber 1 truck-chan

  4. The synopsis sounds good, but It’s short so I’m kinda disappointed… Thx for translating it though

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