(Teaser) pure love x insult

Pure love ✕ insult Complex 

Author: thirty silver and (Judah)

Raw: http://novel18.syosetu.com/n0280z/

I fall in love to a girl when I get into high school, Yukino Shirasaka. I could only look at her from distance. However one day I heard that she has a boyfriend.  Even if I love her, I won’t get her. The devil send me an invites. I can make her mine!

Warning! This story is 18+ and can be considered hard core. Please don’t read it if you have a weak heart.

It is full off immorality and will be taken as teaser project due to the number of chapters, 1300 with around 2000-5000 Japanese characters per chapter. (I don’t think I won’t get bored translating it.)

Chapter 01 (TEASER)

72 comments on “(Teaser) pure love x insult

  1. The author seems really dedicated to this lol. 1300 chapters!!! He must really like writing ero stories.

  2. This is crazy

    Practically post chapter every day since 4 years ago

    Is this people working some moment?

  3. ..be devil?… i feel like waching Ryou Seibai…ups :p ,… don’t mind it.. i hope u can translate this..’cause i love romance…. (i see the yandere girl inside this WN)

  4. this novel has NTR? well, I don’t care if the MC steal the women to others but if that happens to the MC hmmm…

  5. whoaa… i’ve been trying to read this raw, but after a few chapter my head keep spinning…@_@
    so far so good!! now i want to

    oh, if only i have a brainwashing skill….

  6. Is there any update on translation for this project? I read some comment who said they will turn this from teaser to full project..

  7. looks like elements of hardcore and yandere, well it is ok as long as the dude is on the receiving end (yandere, blackmailing whatever)…surely the other way around would be a downer and wud leave a bad taste
    so like snow, u gonna do this?

  8. I was supposed to be reading a few comments just to see the feedback of this story but I ended up reading all the comments. ~gazes off to space

    If it’s netori it’ll be great! Just not a fan of netorare

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