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If you guys decided to donate, I really appreciate it. The donation will go to support the longevity of our web. So, any amount you donate is appreciated. Thanks before and may God bless you for blessing others.

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Each story has their own queue so it will be best if you tell me which story you want to sponsor so I could put them into their respective clearance queue. (It doesn’t matter if you donate $1 it will still be added to the queue)

After you donate, you could send me an email to tell me (at  which story you vote for extra chapter.

At first I don’t want to take extra translation works but life has been hard on me.

Series that is available to sponsor:

-Master of Dungeon


-Neta Chara

– Destination of Crybird

Unavailable series:

-Zombie Master (Unavailable since we hit the latest released chapter)

-Talisman Emperor (Teaser)

-Pure love x insult (Since each sponsored of it will cost more , around $40-50 due to the length and it was too much)

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-Master of Dungeon     $ 3/$25

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-Neta Chara                 $2/$25

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for the other original works author, you could send them a donation under their work page.. cheers..