Chapter 4 : Yamashiki Ema ③

For now, I want to continue from what we left behind at the daytime.

I place my hand at Ema-san ass that was on top of me and squeeze it strongly. Ema-san body start to tremble while looking at me with her damp eyes.

Furthermore, I stretch my hand to her thigh and slowly move inside her nurse uniform.

When I rubbed her ass over her thigh, I can feel the softness of her skin being transmitted back to me.


“Ya, yan… Kotaro-kun.. My ass..”

“Should I not touch it?”

“No.. More… Please touch it more…”


When I rub it, Ema-san start to twist her body above me. I stretch out my hand further inside her thigh and rub her ass over her panty.



“Only Ema-san that was feeling good, it is so unfair.”

“Ah, I, I am sorry… But, Kotaro-kun was… Hyaa…!”


When I extend my finger to rub Ema-san secret place over her panty, she give an interesting reaction.

When I touch Ema-san private part, I can feel it already become damp. Even though I touch it over her panty, I understand that she already become wet.

The moment I notice this, I wasn’t able to bear it any longer and rolled Ema-san down to the bed.


“Hya! Kotaro-kun… Wha, What are you doing?”


When I push Ema-san down, her nurse uniform skirt was rolled up from her thigh to the middle of her waist.

Staring at her snow white panty in a room only lit by moonlight, I was able to see the stain on it.


“Ema-san panty…”

“It, it so embarrassing…. Kotaro-kun.”


While pressing down Ema-san that was shying away, I play with her private part over her panty. When I touch it softly, the stain was start to spread. The scene of her snow white ass that was illuminated by a little bit of moonlight made me dazzled. So Erotic…

Furthermore, several buttons on the front of her nurse uniform was unbuttoned, I can see her bra was sliding down her bare shoulder.


With *Byoyon, Ema-san bare chest was showed in front of my eyes.


“Breast…. It isn’t an AV or a pornbook, it is a real breast….”


Ema-san has a soft white breast with pretty pink nipple on the tip of it.

I hold Ema-san breast with my trembling hand. The feel of this incredible soft sensation was being transmitted from my hand.

Wonderful, the feeling of real breast feel so wonderful.

It isn’t a 2D, it is a 3D! it isn’t a thin plate! it is a 3D!


“Breast… Breast!!”

“Hya!!… ya, Kotaro-kun, is toying with my breast…”


I was engrossed in squeezing Ema-san breast. While I lick and suck her nipple, a soft sigh escape from Ema-san mouth.

I can’t endure it anymore…. Tonight I will not stop only on the breast. As long as Ema-san permit it, I will explore every nook and corners of her body.


I separate my mouth that was sucking her nipple and my gaze slowly moving down her body.

Her appetizing thigh was still wrapped tightly by her stained panty.


“… Ema-san private part, I want to see it.”

“Eh, Kotaro-kun…?”

“I want to see, I want to see it. Please show it to me.”


I ask it, while rubbing her thigh.

Ema-san while saying [mou…], however, as expected she bashfully moved her waist while in the state of arousal.


“… Alright, Even though it was embarrassing,  if it was for Kotaro-kun I will shown it.”


When I release my hold, Ema-san cheerfully take off her skirt on the bed, moreover the panty was also get taken off. Even though she said she was embarrassed, she seems to be in high spirit.

I was able to see the faint color of her public hand between her crotch. She her panty pass through her white thigh and is taken off through her ankle.

When Ema-san hips fallen on top of the bed she sit down and spread her leg slowly.


My breath become rougher, and when I wasn’t able to control my excitement anymore, I brought my face right in front of Ema-san private place.

While she spread her leg into M shaped, Ema-san try to covered her private part with her hand, but I urge her to move her hand away


“N…, Kotaro-kun… Look… This is girl… important place… it, it doesn’t looks strange right?”


Her private place was right in front of my face. the color of her slightly thick pubic hair is the same as the color of her hair. I can tell that she was aroused looking at how much love juice that is pouring out from her love jar

I can’t hide my excitement because it is the first time I am looking at women private part directly.

I have seen the images of uncensored women private part on the net before. but, it can’t be compared with how beautiful Ema-san private part is.

The center of vertical slit was pink colored.


“S, spread it, and show it to me…”

“Mou… Kotaro-kun… N…”


Ema-san spread her slit with her finger. with *kuupa, her slit was widened, and her embarrassed cherry blossom was showed to me.


“N… here… Is a women hole… This is where a baby come out…”


Ema-san explained while showing her hole to me. The hole was dripping wet, it twitching slightly as if it try to tempt me.


“….. I can see the hymen. So Ema-san really is a virgin.”

“Hya! yaa… I’m so embarrassed…”


Even though I am a virgin, but I can easily recognize her hymen.

Ema-san was so embarrassed while doing this, but she didn’t stop spreading her private part.

Rather, I can see that more and more of her love juice pouring out of her love jar.

Did she get excited while being seen.


“Th, this…. place was urethra, this is where a pee come out… and the one on top of it is a clitor.. HyAAAAA!!!”

“*Slurp *slurp”


While she was in the middle of her explanation, I who wasn’t able to stand it anymore was touching Ema-san love jar. How can I endure while this delicious love jar was right in front of me.


“*slurp *Slurp”

“Ko, Kotaro-kun…! No… for you to lick it…. Hyuuu…”

“*slurp *Slurp”


I lick and suck her hole and urethra with my tongue, I didn’t forget to torment her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. When I check Ema-san reaction that was trying to suppress her voice down, it seems like she like it when I torment her clitoris.

I was absorbed licking and kissing her clitoris. Ema-san private place already covered with my saliva and her love juice.


“….I can’t stand it anymore, can I put it in?”

“Fuwa…. Kotaro-kun….”


My meat stick already hard, I cast my pajamas off and shortly I become stark-naked.


“N… here? Areee? It won’t enter…”


When I try to put my meat stick inside Ema-san private part that was covered in saliva and her love juice. It slipped and I wasn’t able to enter it easily.

I wasn’t able to put it inside even when I force it. When she see my impatience face Ema-san put her hand at my meat stick and guide it to the right place.


I was able to push it inside and her hole swallowed half of my meat stick. The pleasure was running through my body.


“Here I go..?”

“Un… Kotaro-kun… …NN!!”


I put more power to insert my meat stick inside Ema-san love jar. I can feel my meat stick swallowed by her slippery love jar. In the middle of pushing it inside her, I remember, didn’t she said she was a virgin?


“Nn..! ha… Kotaro-kun.. is inside me…”

“Kh…u… Dangerous, It feel too good.”


Even though I just put it in, I feel like I will ejaculate soon. Before long my meat stick was fully buried inside her.

Haa…! I take a big breath. The feel of her tight love jar was so soft. Ema-san crotch is being united with my groin. I feel like I will ejaculate if I move even for a little bit.

When I look up, Ema-san was panting and there is tears in her eyes. Is it because of the pain when I deflowered her?

After letting her relaxed for a little bit, I start to move, From Ema-san mouth [Nn… Ah…] was leaked out

Looking at this scene, it feels like I was rapping her. Thinking so, my meat stick grow harder.


The feeling of her love jar was unbearable. While feeling across the waist was Ema-san soft ass, I moved little by little.

The movement was awkward but before long Ema-san voice leaked out and it gradually became louder.


“Kotaro-kun… Does it feel good?”

“Un, It feel so good, Ema-san love jar is feel so good.”

“I’m glad…”


She seems to be enduring the pain. But, I didn’t stop my awkward movement.

My Meat stick was completely swallowed by Ema-san soft love jar. Was sex always feels this good?


“Nn..aa… Kotaro-kun… Kotaro-kun…”

“Ema-san Love jar, feels so great…”


It seems like I have gone crazy because of excitement. I stop my movement for a little bit to take off Ema-san nurse uniform before I continue to ravish Ema-san body.

Under the moonlight, Ema-san naked body was so beautiful that it made me dizzy.

I grasp Ema-san breast and take her nipple while continue to pump into her. When I suck her nipple, Ema-san sweet voice was leaked out.

How come the body of women can be this soft. Her breast, Love jar, all of it was soft. All of it was so addicting.


I want to enjoy Ema-san body forever, I intend to hold on, but the feeling of my meat stick grinding against Ema-san love jar was too much that I don’t think I could hold it in any longer.


“Nnn… Haa. Kotaro-kun… It’s feel so good… Aah…”

“I, I gonna cum…”

“A… nn!”


I separate my face from her breast, I trust my hips more intensely toward Ema-san.

Ema-san private part was swallowing my meat stick while making a dirty sounds.

The sense of ejaculation keep increasing. I am already at my limit.

Ah, No good… Should I take it out… from inside her?


With only a faint reasoning that remain from all this pleasure, I pull out from Ema-san love jar. Ema-san let out [Hyun!!] sound

And almost simultaneously. I reach my ejaculation.


My sperm gushed out from the tip of my meat stick.


And pour it on Ema-san body. I covered Ema-san body, white breast and face as if I am marking her as mine.


“Ah… Hua… Kotaro-kun… so hot…”


The voice of Ema-san was resounded in this hospital room. The figure of Ema-san that was stained by my semen. Filled my chest with a sense of conquest and accomplishment.

While I breath out roughly, I was being attacked by the sense of pleasure and emptiness from my first sex.


Ema-san seems to be embarrassed by the semen that was covering all over her body. However, maybe it was because of love she extended her finger and touch to check it out.

Staring at this obscene scene, Even though I just ejaculate not too long ago, my meat stick already become half erect.




When I called her out and stretched my hand to Ema-san body slowly, Ema-san opened her hand happily.

Before long, without saying anything, our body start to become one again.


After that, I keep ravishing Ema-san body till tomorrow morning.


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