tdadp ch 74

Episode 74: Promotion test

Edited by buboleche

Yu and Lena were summoned to Comer city’s Adventurer’s guild and were now waiting on its 3rd floor.

Mofisu, the guild master, was sitting on his prized chair, made from 500 years old tree, while smoking a cigar.

“…Tell us what do you want, baldie.” Lena stated her frustration for being summoned here. Mofisu replied with a rant.

“Who is a baldie? I just have less hair than other people! You know today I want you guys to take the C rank test. This time Lalit, Eckart and ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan’s Moran, Ann and Memetto will be participating. Siamese from ‘Crimson meteor’ clan and the last are you two. Usually without a clan’s recommendation you can’t do the C rank test.”

“So, who recommended us?”

“It was Joseph. Actually I don’t want to believe that you are capable of taking the C rank test, when you’ve been adventerers for only two months but Joseph confirmed that you have the necessary ability for it. Defeating a Goblin King is already sufficient.”

“So, a recommendation from an A rank adventerer is requred in order to take the promotion test?”

“You can take it even if you don’t have it.”

“So, why did you mentioned it then?”

“Well, I knew all along that you were qualified for it. It is just a coincidence that the others are taking the promotion exam too. Anyway, Joseph has gone out of his way to recommend you too.”

“I don’t want to believe this.”

Yu said that because this was the first time he heard that to increase his rank he needed to take a test. As long as your guild points increased you would rank up naturally. It was suprising that Joseph recommended him. Even just from the monster materials Yu had sold he could’ve gathered enough experience to rank up.

“I’ll just go home.” (Lena)

“I think the content of your head is less than the amount of your hair.” (Yu)

“Wait you guys. This is also a good opportunity to drive away the eyes of nobles and merchants that are targeting you.”

“I’ll just think of another solution. Don’t underestimate me.”

“But the Assassins guild may get involved. Do you think you can handle them?”

“Don’t worry. I have excellent pets.”

Using [Specter Magic] Yu had revived dead rats and birds in all of Comer city. They numbered in the dozens and moved 24 hours a day without rest monitoring nobles and merchants that could be plotting something against him.

Some of the nobles and merchants were even in the opinion that Yu was the bastard son of some noble.

“Wait… Nina will also participate in the C rank promotion together with you.”

“Then we’ll just take it together later.”

“Wait… that dark elf will be promoted to E rank too. I can’t compromise further.”

“E rank? Maybe I’ld’ve considered it if it was D rank.”

It seemed like Mofisu was trying anyand all ways to make Yu participate.


“Mari-chan, what is that?”

“It’s a charm.”

Marifa was holding onto a bundle of black hair wrapped up in a cloth that she then put away in her item pouch. While Yu and Lena were called by the Guild Master, Nina and Marifa were waiting on the 1st floor. Due to raiding the dungeon everyday Marifa also reached the 20th level hence her coming here to take her 2nd job.

“Marifa, sorry to keep you waiting. Please follow me. I’ll guide you to the job changing room.”

A receptionist came and guided Marifa away.

“Nina, I’ll go inside first.”

“Have a nice time in there.”

With that Nina was left alone. It didn’t take long before she was surrounded by male adventurers.

“Nina-chan, won’t you take a quest together with me today?”

“What good would taking a quest with you, who is a rear fighter, do? Why don’t you go with me Nina?”

“Nina’s 1st job is thief and 2nd is assassin. I’m a heavy warrior so isn’t our compatibility better?”

Usually there was the wall called Yu separeting Nina from the other adventerers. But because today he wasn’t there the other men used this chance to approach her. Surrounded by men Nina replied in panic.

“Oh, I’m waiting for Yu… sorry, bye.”

Every time she made a sorry gesture by pressing her hands together to her head, her ample chest pressed together and the men’s eyes fixated on it. The other female adventurers and receptionists only lookied at the male adventurers with cold eyes.

“Huh, Nina is in a big trouble being chased by those persistent guys. By the way I’m quite interested as to why Nina choose Assassin as her 2nd job. She gives the image of a Treasure Hunter more than an Assassin’s.”

“ Oh, she must have a special reason.”

“Is that so? I could see her performing better as a Treasure Hunter though.”

Collet was conversing with another receptionist.

“Collet, look at those men’s scruffy faces. I can honestly say that the proud adventurers of Comer city are incredibly pathetic.”

“So Collet. Will you tell me her special reason?”

It was another receptionist named Rebecca. She grabbed Collet’s waist to keep her from escaping.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Really? I just saw you walking outside before.”

Sweat ran down her cheek.

“I was just taking a stroll outside the wall.”

“I saw you walk with a black wolf. I was afraid that you would be attacked but the black wolf had a collar and you were stroking it carefully. I heard a rumor that the same black wolf was spotted in a mansion near the west gate. Oh yeah, Marifa’s job seems to be a tamer. So do you by any chance have a connection to that black wolf?”

“Wawawa… what are you talking about Rebecca?”

“And how come your belly has become a little plump recently?

“It’s because of various circumstances. Actually it’s because of Yu-san. I was heading there to deliver the contract of his residence.”

“So, that explains the black wolf and the mansion. What did you eat?”

“I got hot cakes and other things.”

When Collet said hot cakes involuntarily Rebecca’s mouth let out a drool.

“It’ll be a problem for you if others found out about this, right? I’ll keep quiet.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

“But there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right?”

At a later date Collet was begging Yu to prepare hot cakes but of course she wouldn’t tell him that it was for Rebecca.


“Won’t you rethink?”

Adele kept saying those words to Marifa but her resolve wouldn’t waver.

For her 2nd job on her own initiative Marifa chose the job [Insect Master].

“Seriously, why did you choose Insect Master?”

“It’s because I was raised in a forest full of insects and I heard the large forest had a nest of Giant Bees.”

“What? Is that the real reason? It’s a lie right?”

The usual female adventurers would never choose that job and females in general disliked insects. You could hardly find someone who chose this job. Insects were not only not that powerful but finding useful ones was hard, too. That was also one of the reasons this job was not very well liked.

“The truth is that I just want to be of help to master.”

Adele couldn’t say anything more to that hence Marifa’s 2nd job was decided.

When Marifa returned to the lobby Nina was still surrounded by the male adventurers and it was clear that she was having a hard time. At that moment the door opened. Three people dressed like nobles entered.

“This place is so filthy.”

“There is even a slave here.”

“Satetto, calm down. We serve Gorubado. We must watch our attitude for the sake of preserving Viscount Gorubado’s honor.”

The noble named Satetto was about to grab Marifa’s slave collar at that moment but stopped himself.

On one side of Marifa Coro was glaring and growling at him while Suke was silently hiding behind her.

“Gorubado’s state has been funny lately. How come our lord is searching for a male named Sato? Does anyone know him?”

“What if I do?” Marifa answered with a rough voice.

“Oh, then tell me where he is! This is an order from Lord Gorubado. Bring him here!”

“Borufimu, don’t get so excited. We came here to meet him formally. You are intimidating them as if we’re looking for bandit. But it is indeed hard that we have to lower ourselves to come and meet him.”

“What do you want with master?”

“What? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Bernd, how can nobles like us listen to a slave?”

The next moment Marifa threw a stone at Borufimu.

“You said you “lower yourself” ? Look here, you can insult me as much as you want but the moment you insult my master you start courting death.”

Bernd was surprised at the sudden anger Marifa showed. Satetto and Borufimu immediately tried to unsheathe their swords.

Marifa was already preparing her [Spirit Magic] and Coro was reading himself to leap at them.

“Hohoho, this is a rare sight. What are three knights serving Gorubado doing in a place like this.”

“Earl Mussu, we could ask you the same thing.”

“Look at what you’ve done. Are you three knights going to gang up one innocent girl.”

“This is between us and Yu Sato. I hope you won’t interfere.”

Mussu quietly approached and stood between them.

“Mussu-sama, please, this is a matter between Gorubado Viscount and Yu Sato.”

“I’m only standing here.”

“I can’t believe this.”

“This is a request from Hidari-sama too. By doing this you will only worsen your relationship with Viscount Gorubado.”

The three people were staring at Mussu who didn’t seem to care. The three people could do nothing but release their killing intent but stopped when Nungu appeared.

“Hmm. Marifa apparently our business here is done. You can go back with me. Yu will be worried if you don’t go back.”

“Yes, sir.”

Once Mussu mentioned Yu, Marifa followed obediently and went after him, leaving the guild. The three knights also left the guild building.

“Why did Nungu appeared with that timing?”

“Maybe he had been watching us the whole time.”

“This is troublesome. We have to use some force as our last resort.”

“It’s as you say Satetto! After all Yu Sato is a mere adventurer. I can’t wait to hear him beg for mercy when I cut his arm…..!!!!!”

(Ps: the following scene contains gore; please skip if you have a weak stomach)

On Borufimu’s side a woman suddenly appeared. It was a woman that was described as a member of Yu’s party.

Borufimu immediately lost his consciousness. Satetto and Bernd were surprised at what they saw because Borufimu’s neck was twisted at 360 degree right in front of them.

“Diee!” Satetto swing down his sword but Nina’s movements were faster.

“That’s what I should be saying.”

As Satetto swing down his sword Nina was already behind him and grabbed his head from behind. She performed [Assassination Skill lvl 2], << Neck Screw>>. It was the same skill she used on Borufimu.

“Who is giving you orders? Is it Yu Sato?”

“Hehehe, it was my own decision. I think you are going to do something terrible to him.”

“That was just a slip of  the tongue. We don’t want to do anything to him.”

He may have been trying to have his life spared by acting innocent but Nina disregarded his plea with an expressionless face. Whatever Bernd was saying she wouldn’t listen.

“Help, help me! Somebody?”

They were in a smaller street aside the main road that was rarely used by people.

Nina looked into Bernd’s eyes and approached slowly.

“You do know you aren’t allowed to hurt Yu, right?”

“Please, forgive me. I will act as if nothing happened and of course Yu Sato is not involved in this mess.”


Nina put her hand around Bernd’s head. He grabbed her arms and tried to resist but she didn’t budge. Bernd was a level 23 with 1st job Warrior and 2nd job Knight however Nina’s brute strength enhanced by both the dragon bracelet and demon bracelet overpowered him.

“I hate it, hate it hate it hate it hate it. Stop getting in my way.”


As the dull sound echoed in the alley Bernd’s body stopped moving.

After that Nina put the three dead bodies into the item bag and walked toward the Adventurer’s guild as if nothing had happened.


Status window
Name: Marifa Nagutsu Race: Dark Elf


Job: Trainer, Insect Master Level: 20
HP: 317 MP: 186
Strength: 67 Agility: 90
Vitality: 76 Intelligence: 68
Magic: 92 Luck: 3
Passive Skills
Archery: LV2
Hawk Eye: LV1
Tamer: LV1 NEW!
Active Skills
Bow technique: LV2
Spirit magic: LV2 ↑UP
Pack strengthening: LV1 NEW!
Special Skills

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