tdadp ch 76

76 Episode: Gathering of ‘abnormals’

Edited by buboleche

“So annoying!” Moran complained while splitting the Goblin Leader in half.

Joseph and the rest had ventured deeper into the 「Forest of Marma」. So far they had encountered 「Goblin Archer」, 「High Goblin」, 「Goblin Leader」, 「Poison Toad」, 「Murder Snake」, and 「Boar Soldier」.

“The monsters are acting odd.” While examining the area, Memetto dodged the corpse of a goblin that was thrown by Moran.

“It’s to be expected.”

“They must be fleeing because of the new dungeon appering. It is also unusual for us to be watched by others while battling monsters. Memetto’s mood has soured because of that.”

Ann’s line of sight fells on Siam who was also fighting a goblin. Siam clad his sword in flames and used it to easily cut down the goblins.

“After all it was impossible for a weakling like you to touch my noble body.”

The smell of flesh being burned covered the area.

“Marifa-san, look at me and my magic sword. This is why I was called the Explosive flame sword.”

Everybody had lost count on how many times Siam had said that to Marifa and it had been ignored all of the times.

This time Marifa defeated the goblins by giving orders to Coro and Suke.

“Oh, the rest of the party is excellent. You can be at ease.” Joseph was saying that as a joke to Yu, who was in the back row, since he hadn’t done anything yet. Each time Joseph threw those jokes at Yu, some killing intent got sent his way from the surroundings but he didn’t care.

“Yeah, Moran must have practiced his sword technique since young. App’s skill with the shield is also sufficient. Memetto’s magic power and casting speed don’t show any problems, too. They’re a pretty balanced party.” Lalit as one of the most experienced in battle gaves his objective evaluation for the ‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan. He acknowledged their ability consequently their chance to be promoted to the same C rank as hm.

“I’ve been thinking for a while that you are the type that likes to hide behind women.”  Moran came in front of Yu and said that.

“Well, I’m not here to compete with girls like you.”

Hearing Yu’s words, Moran’s face tured red instantaneously.

“You underestimate us. Even though we are girls our skills are on par with men’s. After all adventurers are adventurers.”

“So, do all girls talk rudely like you?”

“Tch, you are asking for it! You’ll have to prove your ability if you want to talk so big. Let’s have a duel!”

After saying that, Moran pointed her swords towards Yu. Joseph who was standing beside Yu could only scratch his head and didn’t seem to be willing to interfere.

Nina on the other hand put her hands on her dagger and Lena directed her staff toward Moran, ready to cast a spell at any time. Kuro gripped his war axe and got in a position to launch an attack. Marifa also held her bow and  aimed toward Moran’s head.

“No, stop it Moran.” (Ann)

“Moran, how many times do we have to tell you to hold back your tongue.” (Memetto)

“No, you are right! Teach that boy a lesson. If you’re not going to then I will.

Siam was adding fuel to the fire.

“Even that noble boy understands the situation. You can’t run away from this!”

Moran jumped towards Yu while swinging her sword, boosted by 【Body Enhance】. Yu took out his sword calmly while signaling to his party to stay back.

Moran’s 【Swordsmanship】was already at level 4, it was already at a level that C rank adventurers usually had, but this time she choses the wrong opponent.

Yu received Moran’s sword with his own sword. Not only Moran, Ann and Memetto were surprised too because even though, Moran swang down her sword using both hands, Yu easily received it with one hand.


“This is a lie. To receive Moran’s attack with one hand.” Memetto involuntarily muttered.

“Hah! After all you only relie on your brute strength.”

“Don’t relax yet. 《 Engage 》!”

《  Engage 》, as the name implied, was a skill that forced the other party to do battle in close combat. Yu however didn’t even try to dodge it.

“So, it’s just another way to force your way trough right?”

After that they started exchanging blows in close distance. However Yu outclassed her. Every time his attack got past her guard, it stopped just 1cm away from hitting her.

“We are of the same D rank. I can’t afford to lose to a man like you!”

However Yu’s attacks kept breaking past Moran’s guard. Siam and the other were stunned. Siam’s 【Swordsmanship】was at level 4 and he could tell Moran was better than him. Despite all of that, Yu was still easily toying with her.

“Don’t play with me! It’s not possible for me to lose to a man! 《  Moon Slash 》!”

《  Moon Slash 》 was Moran’s last resort. It was a skill of level 3 【Swordsmanship】.

“That fool, she really wants to kill him!”

Ann realized what she was doing and tried to stop her by using lvl 1《 Guard 》, a 【Shield Skill 】. However she was a step too late and Moran’s sword was already aimed at Yu’s head.

The sharp sword cut trough the air with abnormal sound as if it was swallowing the surrounding wind. In the next second it should’ve come into contact with Yu’s head, but what happened surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The sword was deflected back in the air as if avoiding him.


Memetto in the sides was wondering what had just happened.

Judging from the sword’s trajectory, it should’ve hit him easily but the sword bounced back as if hitting an invisible wall.

“I think he used some magic to do that.” Eckart said that and Memetto seemed to agree with him. At that moment Lena’s eyes met with hers as if saying, don’t do anything.

“Are you satisfied?”

Yu return his sword back in the sheath and walked past Moran. She was standing there like a statue. Nina chased after him and Lena followed after while keeping her gaze at Memetto.

Memetto and Ann then approach Moran who was petrified.

“Moran, I know you are shocked. But you have to remember this is your entire fault from the beginning.”

“My fault…”

“Yes! You have to stop your habit of trying to fight anyone you meet. Anyway, Memetto are you able to use 【Investigate 】on them?”

“Yes, the first one is Joseph. He has 9 passive skills, 8 active, and 2 unique. Lalit has 10 passive, 8 active and 1 unique. Eckart has 5 passive, 3 active and 0 unique. Siam has 4 passive, 8 active and 0 unique.”

Memetto possessed a special skill called 【Investigate 】. It allowed her to know how many number of skills others have. It was a higher level one than 《 Analysis 》.

“Hmm… Joseph is in a league of his own. Lalit’s skills come from his experience as a veteran. The other, Moran should have no trouble dealing with them. But Yu, how was that possible?”

“Ann, it is better if you don’t talk like that or look down on him.”

“But we’re all candidates for the C rank promotion test. We have to face them eventually.”

Memetto stared at her teammates as if she didn’t want to tell them something.

“Yu has 28 passive, 28 active and 7 unique skills.”

“What? That’s ridiculous. I’ve never heard of someone with that many skills.”

The depressed Moran objected instantly.

“Haha, you did a great job pranking Moran. Now, tell us the truth.”

“It wasn’t a lie. That boy is a monster. To be honest I don’t want to make an enemy out of him.”

Faced with Memetto’s serious look, Ann’s sweat could be seen flowing down her face.

“His total nimber of skills are 63. If he wants he could get past C rank easily. Moran, in the future, please, absolutely don’t offend him. If we can cooperate with him, even if he is the one giving the orders, it’s not a bad deal.”

“If it’s like that isn’t it better for us to not involve ourselves with him anymore?”

“His last movement, was that because of a skill?”

“It was closer to a magic skill rather than a combat one.”

“Let’s stop talking about this. When Lena walked past by us, it was like she warned us. Even I couldn’t use my 【Investigate 】at that time.”

“Is it interference by using 《 Analysis 》?”

“I don’t think so. I didn’t sense magical power being used.”

“Is that so?”

When Lena passed by, she was just blocking Memetto’s 【Investigate 】skill however Ann and the girls received it differently. It was as if Lena was giving them a warning if they wanted to make a move on Yu.

(TL note: it might be Lena manipulating her mana just the way she did with the guild card.. idk though the author didn’t explained it.)


‘Kimutsuki Flower’ clan trio status


Status window
Name: Ann Coth Race: Human


Job: Warrior, Heavy Knight Level: 28
HP: 1435 MP: 148
Strength: 398 Agility: 120
Vitality: 419 Intelligence: 79
Magic: 63 Luck: 34
Passive Skills
Hammer Mastery: LV3 Shield Mastery: LV3
Body Strengthening: LV1 Paralysis Resistance: LV2
Unified Spirit LV1
Active Skills
Hammer Skill: LV3 Shield Skill: LV3
Body Enchance: LV2 Speed technique: LV1
Special Skills

Equipped Weapons:

  • Warhammer of Black Steel (Grade 5): Strenght up

Equipped Armor:

  • Flame Beast bandana (grade 5): Fire resistance Up
  • Black steel armor (grade 5): Defense Up:
  • Tower Shield (grade 5): None
  • Steel Gauntlet (grade 6): None
  • Ogre Boots (grade 6): Magic Resistance Up

Equipped Accessories:

  • Merumu earrings (grade 6): Health Up
  • Salient hair ornaments: Stamina Up


Status window
Name: Moran Bibiera Race: Human


Job: Warrior, Heavy Swordsman Level: 28
HP: 1242 MP: 133
Strength: 387 Agility: 157
Vitality: 388 Intelligence: 46
Magic: 38 Luck: 19
Passive Skills
Swormanship: LV4 Shield Mastery: LV2
Strenght Up: LV3 Body Strengthening: LV3
Spirit resistance LV1
Active Skills
Sword Skill: LV3 Shield Skill: LV1
Body Enchance: LV2 Speed technique: LV1
Special Skills
Battle Passion

Equipped Weapon:

  • Large sword of Black Steel (Grade5): Strenght Up

Equipped Armor:

  • Brigantine of Black Steel (Grade 5): Agility Up
  • Gauntlet of The Ogre (grade 6): Magic Resistance Up
  • Hard leather boots (grade 6): None

Equipped Accessories:

  • String Bands (grade 6): Poison Resistance Up
  • Parara Bangles (grade 6): Paralysis Resistance Up


Status window
Name: Memetto Kobyuru Race: Human


Job: Magician, Witch Level: 30
HP: 376 MP: 1148
Strength: 62 Agility: 87
Vitality: 89 Intelligence: 318
Magic: 371 Luck: 23
Passive Skills
Casting Speed Up: LV4 MP Recovery Rate Up: LV4
Magic strengthening: LV3 MP consumption decrease: LV3
Staff Mastery LV3
Active Skills
Black Magic: LV4 Barrier: LV4
Magic Awakening: LV3 Analysis: LV3
Special Skills
Investigate: LV2

Equipped Weapon:

  • Staff of Life (Grade 5): Increases the effect of 《 Heal 》

Equipped Armor:

  • Apprentice Witch Hat (Grade 6): Magic Up
  • Witch Robes (Grade 5): Magic Up
  • Witch Shoes (Grade 5): MP Recovery rate Up

Equipped Accessoriers:

  • String Bands (Grade 6): Poison Resistance Up
  • Raen Earrings (Grade 5): Casting Speed Up

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  1. thanks !

    “Yeah, Moran must have practiced his sword technique since young.
    –> her sword technique (Moran is a girl)

    He acknowledged their ability consequently their chance to be promoted to the same C rank as hm.
    –> same C rank as him

    “His total nimber of skills are 63. If he wants he could get past C rank easily.
    –> number

    • I hate moran, she’s more like a moron. But, i loved the picture, there should be more in the future because it gives me a clear picture of what’s happening in my head.

      • yuu doesnt got a skill to hide his skills, he use a item to hide them but it is not perfect even when he got the 1 time to the guild they coud scan him with Analysis they coud see some skills it tepents on the investigate skill and lvl of it, and for Analysis you have to look the target in the eyes for it to work,
        and sins he was fighting i dont thing he coud use the same me method as lena

  2. “I’ve been thinking for a while that you are the type that likes to hide behind women.” Moran came in front of Yu and said that.

    “Well, I’m not here to compete with girls like you.”


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