32 comments on “Feedback, suggestion, and comments..

  1. maybe it’s just me but there’re many sentences that make nosense. I had a hard time reading “to deprive…” so maybe check that idk. Still thanks for your work

    • Mmh, no sense at all? I mean sure in some chapters there is a paragraph, were I had no good idea how to change it into something that is nicer to the eyes… and some conversations were quite confusing. Do you have any examples, so that I get an understanding of your problem?

  2. It be spectacular if your update-on-life posts were less negative and self-deprecating. i.e., try to stay a bit more positive and confident (all those ‘…’s make you sound hesitating and unsure). Sure, I understand it’s hard to stay positive when life throws crap at you, but it can’t hurt to try…?

    If you disagree with me, feel free to ignore all the stuff below.

    If you want to ask why you should listen to me, staying positive is better for yourself, and will probably be easier for readers as well. When your tone is depressed, reading your posts is depressing. And most readers probably don’t come here for more depressing realities of life.

    For the egregious use of ellipses, that’s more of a personal matter. It makes me feel like you’re highly unsure of what you’re doing. For example, this post makes you sound like you’re expecting (and deserving) ridiculous flames and hate. Like you’re unsure if and why people actually visit the site (I know you have a visit counter too!). Replace every single ellipses with a full stop and all of a sudden you sound like a good site wanting to become better, rather than a bad site clinging to its few remaining visitors.

    The hater in me says: “Your grammar makes my eyes bleed.”

    • Good for you. I dont mind it that much tho as long as its readble enough, and have been tampered enough thats fine. If you spotted some mistakes you could just point it out, yes?

    • And please dont be a smug! They are trying to improve their site, novels and whatnot for the better throu people’s feedback. You should have said anything but contempt. You yourself is negative. Well, in thinking… Lol!

    • TDADP
      Immortal God Emperor
      Summoned Hero
      Zombie Master
      Neta Chara

      Prefer em over than the rest except rebirth for i have yet to read it. And is also staying put for Boring Reincarnation’s upcoming chapters.

  3. i just want more TDADP!! 1 chapter day is not enough now…. lol!!!

    by the way.. who’s the author of TDADP??

  4. I would like to suggest that you work more on you two main stories master of dungeon and rebirth online as they are what are attracting your readers to the site the most but there not being updated very often

  5. Everything is fine. Keep doing what you are doing. Just don’t die. You are one of the fastest translators out there. Anything faster than a chapter a week is near god tier. You have released nearly 1 a day. 1 a week is already fast for most series.

  6. I think you should translate Immortal God Emperor a bit more. Last time was 20 june. I think that Immortal God Emperor has great potential.

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