7 comments on “Lazy dragon chapter 14

  1. Uwaaaa, this chapter literally physically pains me.

    Assuming that object is a sphere, a 50km diameter would give it a volume of 6.54*10^13 cubic meters. With a mass of 200 000kg, that’s a density of around 3*10^-9 kg/m^3. That’s something like one three hundred thousandth the density of air! That object would do less damage to the planet than a soap bubble of the same size.

    Sure, speed is a large part of kinetic energy, but that thing would be incinerated just from the friction with cosmic radiation.

    • Hahaha.. Such detailed calculations.. However that world revolves around mana.. If that meteorite couldn’t be destroyed by pride, it must be made from a hard material or protected by mana layer.. That’s why he was sent there..

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