14 comments on “Immortal God Emperor chapter 5

  1. Ah geez! Its been a while, hasnt it? Finally, finally, finally~

    I wonder how deep Ye Qingyu’s background is? Or who exactly he is? I cant wait for the next 100+ more chapters! Instead of water for rain, make it ‘IGE’!! Drown me!!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks dood
    Err, is this novel author expert in cliffhanger?
    The examiner wanted to sit down but immediately frozen. There are four ranks in this test. Stone, copper, silver and gold. Hiw could he get the highest score?

    Hiw? Shudnt it be ‘How’ ?

  3. Thanks for this chapter. I have been waiting eagerly for this. Hope a new chapter will come soon.

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