21 comments on “Zombie master chapter 19

    • He never didn’t have any intention to harm humans, neither he is glad about what’s happening.
      Thx for the chapter.

  1. hmm…a sad attempt at making a story.author should just stick with H-scene.
    thx for the update

  2. In previous chapter I mistook Yuu for his little sister… Tell me how to deal with this disappointment?

      • Wincest started of as a joking term (that blew up few years ago), everyone was quoting charlie sheen to express awesomeness with the shortest amount of charters. During, the abundance of incest (most notably twin related) related doujins and manga, as-well as translations for them. And the term was coined from twincest because twincest is wincest. But people seem to forget that and call all incest wincest, which is wrong. “True” winscest occurs only when they’re twins and they’re all related, if not the fact that you have twins is still asweome so wincest applies.

        A = B ;But B ≠ A
        **Twincest = wincest*
        incest is not wincest
        *wincest is applied when the twins aren’t related to you
        **twinning is winning but just cause you won doesnt mean you have twins.

        If that makes any sense…

  3. another abnormal chapter *sigh this novel is turning into the light side lol
    thanks for the chapter

  4. hohohoho~! Now I see something! IS that a hole? A stick? A tree? Oh~! It’s a flag~!
    Now this is getting exciting~! With the new possible development and all 🙂

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. Love it! So funny and amusing at the same time with what ideas, kukukuku…~!

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