28 comments on “TDADP CHAPTER 60 v2

  1. Took awhile since baka update is missing with the updates of TDADP!

    thanks for the chapter!
    I hope the trolling in baka updates in this novel well stop

  2. if in the last chapter it was supposed to be that he was trying to heal her throat, but couldn’t, then what about the sentence before, her saying as a slave she should sleep on the floor in master’s room?

    • He didn’t fail to heal her throat, he simply healed JUST her eye. The slave sentence either from a version different from the one I read or mistranslated. The quote is Yu saying “You know, My bedroom is the same size.” or something along that lines. He thought she was discontent with the room. Also Yu doesn’t say “I’ll try to heal you as soon as I can”. He uses the healing as bait to get her to learn silent casting. If I remember right, something like “Once you succeed in silent casting, I’ll heal your throat too.” Which becomes her drive to learn it.
      The mistakes are to be expected since the translator doesn’t have access to their normal computer for translating.

      • Looking it over a bit, there are few other mistranslations and missing sentences..
        Like “How are you feeling? I saw you are making progress with the bow.” the first sentence is wrong the second is over simplified. The first is him telling her “Not to do that sort of thing.” meaning kneeling. The second is him telling her he noticed she has regained her sense with the bow, the second part of the compliment I couldn’t quite make out but it has to do with “thinking” and “moving” not sure of a good way to word it though.
        Or that “Marifa then touches her neck for a bit.” should be “Marifa raises the face to the words, cure the wounds on her neck.” Which doesn’t fit because the sentence before it is mistranslated too. As stated above.

        • Small mistranslations or misinterpretations can have broad effects later on in understanding the story. Which is why when I am reading the light novels using google translate and I reach a point I’m confused with, I either spend time understanding it or stop reading for a while and come back months later to try to get a new understanding that way. I read this one up to chapter 80-90 then things started getting a bit hard to understand for me. So I stopped and moved on. I was glad when I found someone started translating it later on. Hopefully translations will reach that point so I will know what I missed.

  3. Wasn’t “Hawk Eye” a unique skill which was used by the thief, or whatever he is, some chapters way back?

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