8 comments on “Loiterous Chapter 62

  1. Thanks for chapter , also the update will NERF only magicians and will it affect will it be there’s no auto assist and hope Ici cle can deal with the incoming blood storm well I guess the sister will understand after he tells but what about the princess and Nyu?

  2. It takes me about ten to twelve hour to finish from beginning… who would have thought that when I just finish reading chapter 61, I got an Update… hahaha… Thanks for the chap, Author! Keep it going… are you have schedule of this update or are you going to post whenever you complete write the chapter?

    • I’ll try to post it every two days once I’m done with the plot and fixing the earlier chapters. Right now I’m trying to keep the quality so it takes 3-4 days. Chapters come out longer though, instead of 2k+ words they are at least 4-5k.

      • Nice… i thought you going to update it weekly how fortunate (for me atleast) that you will try to update every 2-3 days… it would be better if it everyday.. hohoho.. can’t blame me for hoping more chapter. You already “drug” me enough with Loiterous…. since today dose already been given… i shall be waiting another dose 2 days later… (^_^)

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I had a good laught.^^
    Seems like chapter 62 wasn’t in the game after all, but at least the next will be there already.

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