5 comments on “Earth’s Core Book 3 Chapter 8!

  1. “They are either too far or waiting in the neighboring caves”. Zax thought aloud.
    The period is in wrong place, move them inside of quote.
    “They are either too far or waiting in the neighboring caves.” Zax thought aloud.

  2. “It’s fine to lose an arm or a leg”, Kartius actually said. “Your regenerative abilities can deal with the loss thanks to the changes the Black Core had made. Otherwise, only as a B level practitioner of the Seven Stages Of Bodily Refinement you could grow back limbs”.
    Same here move comma and period inside the quote and I am not sure about comma if they should be moved or removed.

    • Thanks for telling me. I don’t remember which book (English one) I read that got me used to commas and periods outside parenthesis, but I adapted this style from a professional author that done the same. I did ask in my site for remarks before I started writing the third book, because I wanted to maintain consistency throughout the book, but I got none… I’ll keep yours to the fourth book. I’m five chapters away from it anyway.

      • It’s same as question mark I have never seen “How are you”? I always see “How are you?” that why period look funny when it is outside of quotes. Comma is different it can be inside or outside depending but never period or question mark, etc.

        • I am never sure about comma rules they are more flexible, same with … there is no hard rules on those ellipsis (…) either.

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