5 comments on “Vol. 3.5 – Chapter 1: The Speech and Kidnapped again!?

  1. retyping thanks to loss of connection when sent… now what the hell was everything…

    Link is here in the author portion isn’t there.

    Could you please post links going to all your works in one place for both English and Japanese? Especially English.

    In regards to playing around with the explicit scenes, whether explicit or not I hope you will go all out from now on.

    Also I think it would be best if they were strictly wives. His character as well as the girls getting along it would be best if there wasn’t an inferiority issue. With him being how he is and the loving equally bit, it should be that way.

    With the girls around he should no longer be bedding girls that he just meets and merely walks down some streets with once lol. From now maybe a bit more contact and also be sure to have interaction and letting people see their personalities (screen time).

    Guessing he will move the castle shortly. It will be good to have more with Rea?, and having the three new girls who carried him off and have some strength stick with him a while.

    Also a definite must would be a description chapter with all the characters, especially his girls. That includes their looks and features since with the gaps in time and reading other stories readers can’t help but forget such things.

    Hope you’ll be back soon.

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