18 comments on “Status update

  1. Hope u get better soon take it easy and rest 😊😊✌

    Running for two hours straight and getting a swollen leg 😂😂😂

    Nah trolling with u but yes hope u get better see ya

  2. Ice it (a min on then let it relax then a min on again), follow pain killers instruction especially if its Tylenol or related( Tylenol types can kill your liver on OD and give you the worst 30 day death). Elevate leg, get rest and food. Self massage ankle and stretch as it gets better.

  3. I heard translating helps Lol.jk try ice bathfor foot that hurts….or soak in warm water w epsom salt and massage

  4. It would be wise to get it checked at an hospital, though it would probably be just muscle pain best to be safe than sorry, stay healthy.

  5. its probably a sprain, i hope you get better and go get checked at an hospital, its best to be cautious with that stuff.

  6. You may need to get antibiotics for that, go see a doctor. I once almost had to get my toe amputated because it was swollen. And cut off the blood circulation. Depending on how swollen it is, you may need strong antibiotics.

  7. Sounds like you might have one cracked a bone in your leg… Unless its an infection. If it is linked to you running for 2 hours I’d go to the doctor for an xray or something.

  8. Sleeping is for the Weak!!!…… But well since injured get some rest and follow their advices(thepeoplewhocommentearlier),
    Right dont drink too much painkillers or youre dead….. Get well soon~
    i’m out 🙂

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