15 comments on “IGE chapter 10

  1. Ok. There’s no unfair treatment on this one. Excellent! Yup! You really do want to keep reading once you’ve started this, help me name this syndrome people. Spread the plague of IGE!

  2. *sigh its really a disappointment that this novel only appears once in a bluemoon
    and the raw is so messy lol
    I tried going there once but for some odd reason my browse won’t let it load… one word D@mn!

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I really hope this would be prioritize to much potential
    It’s not wrong to say this novel is one of the great novels out there (base on the plot!)

  3. thanks a lot!
    hmoh, excellent, she finally got what’s akin to a slap to her face! anyway, who do you think you are? would qingyu purposely want to humiliate you? are you that important to him? someone who abandoned him?

  4. I really appreciate the work you put in by translating this, But for the love of god get some proofreaders! It’s like a bomb going off in my head everytime i read a new line…

    Very bad spelling i can’t enjoy the story because of it.

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