4 comments on “Earth’s Core B3 C18!

  1. “However, being fast cultivators and innovative is only one thing.
    Do you mean ‘is not only one thing’ with “not” added?

    • No. I meant that for human being…is one thing, but not The thing… which continues to be explained a bit further before the end of the chapter.
      Also, glad you had to reach the end of he chapter before pointing out mistake and such… Maybe I’m improving!?

      • Yep, you are improving, however you still have habit putting the period outside of quote. I am sure you still know that…lol.

        • Yeah… It’s the messed up style I chose to use when writing this story. Already told you why. Now I don’t change it because I’m used to it and because I don’t want to edit (don’t feel like doing it now, at least) everything I wrote. It will be too much of a bother… Since it’s the kind of thing that gets harder to do as time goes on, my goal is to change the laws of punctuation in the English language – seems more practicable than editing to me.

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