12 comments on “Today there is no tdadp either…

  1. actually it’s only my opinion thought but i think you didnt need to apologize to us, since this matter more important for you and me just a leecher who read your translation work :v . just hope you could find a job you desired as fast as possible

  2. Do you read/watch job interview guides? Do you have pre-prepared answers to basic questions such as your talents/weaknesses and what you can contribute? These small preparations really help!

    -from someone still in high school lmao

      • oh damn thats harsh… gg..mag…GGMAG… that was lame af but I hoped it cheered you up. Sorry about the job interview, what were you applying for btw?

      • if it makes you feel better i have been unemployed for 6 months without a single interview after being fired for being dinged for being under quota when i was waiting for more supplies from a machine that was down *after they put me on another station blowing away productivity records* I have a unque mentality. I expect the worst and hope for the best. The worst thing that can happen with me is that I am correct. I walk into an interview with the mentality that I won’t get the job but am meeting a new person, and am talking about my experience that can be applied to the job. Yes this sounds like I am an emo bastard with razorblades growing from my fingertips but it actually takes a lot to depress me.

  3. Really you do not have to apologize every time that you can not deliver all the work … It is your job, and we can not ask you to forget your life just to translate stories we read as a hobby. If you need to take some time to find a stable job, do it !! All will support you from our respective places :).

    From: A friend you do not know on the other side of the world :).

  4. dont give up ! try to take a break first to calm and collect your mind together. it’s going to be better if you can gain more confidence first before trying again. think positively.

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