31 comments on “Zombie Master chapter 24

  1. that was escalated quickly, what a twisted way of thinking. that death flag tho has been raised guys.

  2. The question is, was the virus that affected her like the MC’s, so that she’s now able to control zombies, or was it just something similar, so that zombies atleast ignore her but not much more?

    Also ,I hope the MC is the only male who gets that particular strain, since otherwise it might create havoc within the survivors, since males are more fond of starting wars, and if he’s the only male and any others are females, then he already has a good bargaining start.

    • i think it may just be similar. but maybe very similar. like, she can control male zombies, but femail dont really care about her or something, because she cant have sex with them.
      … or maybe its the same but reversed, and the male zombies are going to be eager to have sex with her.

  3. I also found it funny and then remembered that this i an h-novel and of course that was going to happen but I also found on it a bit of logic I mean if she researches her body she might take too much time to understand it since they could not even understand wouldn’t it be better to have inmune kids rather than researching her body though if MC wasn’t here then the search would be for nothing and shoe would have to research her body

  4. Thanks for the chapter~. though researching her own body would be extremely difficult and how? shes one of the lead researchers isnt she? if she dies in the dissection who will lead and its a loss of a valuable researcher.
    – also probably similar to studying the virus how they wont find much

  5. More like her brain change indirectly. Sure the brain itself not changed but everything else ? body signal, hormones, and input for her brain altered. Maybe that how she got that conclusion. Or she just overdosed with sex hormones

  6. She may actually be just a normal zombie, and we just saw how female zombies think and why they want to have sex with MC.

  7. You’d think researchers would knew better… there’s so much info online about the infection rate how is it possible they don’t quarantine the victim.

  8. Oh boy, next up we’ll find our the MC & the Interlude MC hate each other & find a way to impregnate zombies or get impregnated by zombies. Hmm I wonder where the Author is going to take it.

    Ooh quick request btw, can someone update the links on the Zombie Master landing page and/or change these pages from uncategorized to the zombie master category?

  9. well the answer to the last question is easy
    1: it’s very unappealing to experiment/research your own body (imagine performing a vivisection on yourself…yea)
    2: even if she was willing to research her own body it would still take time, while sex is pretty fast and babies take 9 months…unless one of them is sterile, which would be kinda funny

    thanks for the chapter

  10. Haha classic, i guess she is affected from the sex maniac instinct from the virus too there is no male Normal zombies i hope she find him soon before she sleeps with a giant Mutated zombie

  11. heyya finally female lead partner for our mc!!
    but i fear she will have heart that will betray him just for research!


    hope its not!!

    thx for chapter translator..
    keep up ur goodwork!!

    many thx for author!!

  12. Thinking she probably wants to make a kid for research cause shes sorta immune and if she finds a male that also sorta immunes. Child will have a sorta cure in its blood.

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