22 comments on “Neta Chara chapter 12

  1. i don’t like this rina kind of character hope she doesn’t start bothering them too much // thanks for the chapter e,e

  2. Thanks for the edited repost, hopefully that won’t happen again like before… Wonder if Sis-con will eventually fall for Kent, thanks for the chapter and wb.

  3. Bahh, I hate the lesbian cock-block characters. I’m sure she’ll become a tsundere soon enough. I think it’s interesting that his abilities haven’t activated yet though.

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  6. yay now i can stop being annoyed whenever he thinks that he wants to go back to being a 35 year old virgin working at a “submarine” company, cause thats a life i would be soooo happy to return to~ not.

  7. *Facepalm* Like seriously, why are there so much MCs that want to go back to Earth, especially these ‘no-lifers’. He has a cush life here, while having no real reason to go back.

    • because humans fear what they cant understand. Plus I’d love to see how a modern person like yourself would fare in a medieval world with no running water, electricity or stuff like bug spray or sun tan lotion or AC!!!! Serious drawbacks if you are actually summoned or transmigrate and not just read about it.

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