51 comments on “LV999 Villager Synopsis and Prologue

    • No, he is THE VILLAGER! The harbinger of death and destruction, he is already in smash bros, now he comes here, to destroy all that is evil and become evil itself!

      • I think I can agree with u..
        that boy will become the Evil but I think if just the Evil isn’t enough for him, God Of Evil (the young boy who has the title God Of Evil from Evil it self (so he is the real evil from evil it self) for to think monster (evil) not enemy but just MONEY (just think that and think whose the real evil in there??).
        point of view from monster who see the young boy who come and massacre their friends (monster) with a big smile on his face when every single monster dead and see the money everywhere, not because he want to be the hero or savior for the weak but just MONEY. lol.. I can’t stop until I feel sick from my stomach.. tq author..

  1. meh. one of op story killer. there’s no plot just op ness. keep reading this and your brain will get tougher and became muscle.

  2. You have me sold. I am good and willing to read this one. The leisurely stroll to save them from the infamous green slime that has killed small animals left and right! This slime was named… Mururu! He traveled the land far and and wide, hopping across dusty plains, floating across grand seas, slinking up grand mountains! Alas, his monster instincts had told him to attack humans, and he followed them faithfully.

    His luck had finally lost out to the gods. For he encountered the villager of might! The one whom will seal the heave- err, I mean, Harvest the Crops!

  3. Am I the only one wondering about level od education over there? Because from what I read just now, Kagami not only can speak fluently while being only two years old, but he understands the value of money and how it could help his family … That’s some OP powers for someone who isn’t reincarnated o.O

    PS: Am I the only one annoyed at the fact that his name is purely japanese? because it’s probably gonna be another one of those, where even though it’s a fantasy world, everyone are japanese …

    • Actually, he first defeated slime at two years old. There is no indication of his age right now. at least that’s the gist I get from this.

  4. Heyo~ Xant here.

    We picked this up a week+ ago and were translating it, first post was scheduled this Saturday. I was wondering if I could convince you to pick something else up or if you’re set in stone on translating this.

  5. level 999 villager? in ragnarok online you need level 40 or 60 to become super novice. so level 999 villager is like godlike fighting class???

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