16 comments on “Next Life synopsis and chapter 1

  1. hmm, i guess its okay. i need some other characters and the interactions our mc will make in order for me to properly judge this.
    thanks for the snack~

  2. Although this version is better it doesn’t explain everything. For instance why does it go straight from teaching her to him being frozen?

  3. I hope you continue with this or work something out with nationalneet, I’m trying but his version is really hard to read. This seems interesting ^^

  4. Oh wow. This is quite bad.

    Man dies and wakes up: *looks at the sun* “I must have been reincarnated into my game character” *Shrugs and starts looking through his item bag* “Bummer, the item that would be useful later is gone, lets use magic now”

    I will be honest. I stopped reading at that point. It feels so much like an amateur writer copying a genre he likes.

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