29 comments on “well…

  1. So we get more title to read.. awesome!!
    Btw, this morning in animesuki i saw a novel that looks interesting. The title is “wa no Shugosha” and the raw is http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9310bv/ but here’s no one translating this novel atm..
    (ps. I just wanna write this, no ulterior motive.. ehehe;b)
    Then, i’m looking forward for your next project. Stay health, snow^^

  2. I much rather like more of chapters “Master of Dungeon”. That’s not a translation but a ROW original! That or TDADP. I am looking forward to the next dose on both.

    • Yeah I also think that “spreading” your attention to 10000 projects isn’t really a wise move.
      I mean, better to fist finish a novel and then move on to another than making 2 at the same time ^_^

      I’m also mostly following TDADP and Master of Dungeons (still waiting for the edited version of new chapters since start of September :/ )

  3. World Teacher. It is translated but the one doing it is just doing it as a hobby, and waiting for someone else to pick it up! Awesome LN and I definitly recommend it. Translated up to chapter 19 atm

  4. You should translate World Teacher. The current translator is lookig for someone to take over it and it has awesome plot! Latest translated chapter is 19 and raw has over 100+

  5. Honestly, I think you have too many projects already. With all the stuff you have going on I think it’d be better for you to just focus on what you’re doing now.

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