28 comments on “TDADP chapter 80

    • It seems Yu may have a conscience, somewhat. He doesn’t try to deprive people unless they are trying to do things like kill or harm him or those close to him.

      • it would be crazy if Yu tried to deprive all the people he meet. At least people would suspect where Yu skill from. So he refrained and only take from defeated monster and enemy.

    • Who and how long it takes for using the skill always become a problem. There also problem from skill mastery. Not with how high skill level is but with how well you use it. More skill does not equals better result.

        • His skills are quite high lv. Depriving low lv skills doesn’t amount to anything noteworthy.
          That and depriving indiscriminately isn’t a good thing since it’s just plain thievery.

          • umm…..he still stealing the skills from others he just focuses on the monsters/people he going to kill after all they do not need them skills anyway so might as well take them and weaken them while killing them at the same time.

            as for ur comment on the low lvl skills not being noteworthy ya to mention it every time is not worth it after the explanation that even if they low lvled they still strengthen the skill despite not being able to lvl it

  1. “ps: is rambo dead?”

    More like missing without news?
    It’s common in the world of translators.

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  3. thanks,

    Ann ell silent after hearing Yu’s reply.
    –> fell silent

    Yu possessed great skill that even some high lvled adventurers don’t and couldn’t be passed down or inherited.
    –> high leveled
    –> and that couldn’t ???

    Moran and the others feltl as if the heavy burden on their shoulder had been lifted.
    –> felt

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