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      • It honestly seems like a complete rip off since if the donation isn’t more than that amount then that government is asking for a donation from you for accepting a donation from someone in their country… Wonder how much charities in their country have to pay if their foreign…

  1. He need to act as quickly as possible as he can in the mean time.
    mean time –> meantime

    “N-N-no, the food is delicious. I just want to know what you are doing this early in my house. But looking at it closer, I should be asking, what am I doing in your house?”
    No-No-no –> No-No-No

    “R-really?” –> “R-Really?”

    “N-n-no! It isn’t like what you think.”
    N-n-no! –> N-N-No!


    An army can be made by training villagers in barracks, archery range, stable, but infantry, archers, or horse archers or knights will also required metal works to make their armor and their battle power against monster are inferior too monster hunter.
    too –> to

      • 〔Congratulations! Your place of living has been upgraded as a base.〕

        Population: 52

        Skilled worker:

        – cook: 1

        – lumberman: 1

        The effect of a base, 3% reduction in building time, 3% added to fishing efficiency, 3% added efficiency to woodcutting.

        〔Congratulations! Your place of living has met the requirement to be upgraded as a village.〕

        A village is a place where people gathered together. They believed that they will be able to live in prosperity inside the village. To upgrade your base to a village, you have to stay for 7 day. The effect of a village, 5% reduction in building time, 5% added to fishing efficiency, 5% added efficiency to woodcutting, 5% added efficiency to farming.

        Those blue background is missing maybe that where </div part messed up.

  2. I just suggesting but you can try to get both your original works and translated works posts on aho updates. Maybe this can help you in gaining more view.

  3. This series is nice, love strategy games and city building, but where is the tab so i can bookmark it and check it every 10 minutes for a new update?

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  5. I love this novel, do you no longer have any intention to translate. I’m so heartbroken, since like last year and I’m here again!!

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