62 comments on “Tdadp chapter 86

  1. guild leader has hair again~ Thx for the chapter
    p.s. omg a limit was actually placed on an OP skill, maddness!

  2. That’s not new, it was said before that his depriving skills like some others needed eye contact with the target to work
    thx for the chapter

  3. Thunder resistance LV 4 !New

    Magic Resistance LV 3 !New

    Active Skill:

    are Magic Resistance are a typo?

  4. lel the last part about the Guild Master :v
    with this Yuu will gain a east corporation in future since the Guild master will fell grateful for this :v

  5. Could you please bold the category names? Ex:

    Passive Skills:
    Swordsmanship LV7

    Spirit Sword (grade 4): Increased damage

    imo it will makes reading it easier.

  6. i was wondering whether he wasn’t depriving any of the enemies. So he didn’t want to be seen huh?
    also, 100 white gold coins for a dryad?…i’d work hard
    thanks for the chapter

  7. Lets take a guess.

    The minister guy explored the dungeon and found the dryad + fairies
    Showcase at the town + commotion at the guild
    Yuu to the rescue & troubles follow

  8. Thanks for new chapter, although Yu’s skill list is getting too long to read. (゜Д゜;)
    Also how’s your internet problem? is it fixed? I’m in Indonesia too, i’m using speedy and it’s stable for a year already.

  9. Thanks for the translation snow-san and also to.the donators for the chapter really hyped for when he gets to deprive people skills hope he gets to fight the demi human army soon.

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  12. Can someone tell me how I can view images that are posted in the translation?? because I can’t see any of the images from the chapters BESIDES the Moran wanting to attack Yu incident.

  13. To silent a persistent, stubborn, bald man is by giving him a hundred percent hair serum.. It always work like a charm

  14. You mentioned “he couldn’t deprive from something that didn’t have eyes, that’s new” but slimes dont have eyes either, he did mention at the rookie hunter incident that theres a low chance of him depriving the skills so its not 100% guranateed that he will succeed, 【Confusion attack lvl 2】 and 【Confusion Resistance lvl 2】 were both lvl 2 so theres probably a lower chance of him to obtain those. If he lvl up the Depriver skill or keep on trying without killing the monsters then perhaps he will be able to get the skills but as he is now they either die or he fail in depriving them.
    Thats my theory at least, his skill doesnt need its victims to have any eyes but its still a gamble if he succeeds or not. 😛
    btw, the illustartion link isnt working, ive seen similar links in the past chapters but each one gives me a 404-cant-find page instead. 😦

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