40 comments on “TDADP CHAPTER 89

  1. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
    ┃ Thanks! Nepu!! ┃
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  2. i know about Josep being old but for his age 100+ it news to me, are he isnt Human and some demi-human? as far i remember no one mention his race ?

  3. Maybe…. the higher your level, the longer your lifespan?

    …..oh dear ……Yu should start grinding and depriving every single enemy of him rather than living leisurely like this.
    Not that leveling every single night can be considered as ‘leisurely’. But thinking about his pride that somehow ticks people off…. he should get stronger asap.

  4. You may have gotten two sentences of the last dialogue all wrong

    here Mofisu is teasing Joseph about getting too old

    and here Mofisu is talking about himself, saying he’s still 133 years old

  5. Thnaks for.the translation
    Ok whose expecting for some depriving I know I am and hope yu does not screw up since he has awfull luck and have made lots.of enemies

  6. whoa hold the phone. I thought Joseph was a 33 years old middle aged man now suddenly hes 133… either that’s a typo or there every other chapter that mentions Joseph’s age is mistranslated.

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  9. thanks

    (tl note; if I remember Yu sold the info up to 12F? Why it’s only 2F?)”

    you forgot that at the previous chapter (or 2-3 before) the guildmaster wondered how they would manage the fact that they have a map until 12F when they were supposed to wait for a special team to be the “first to enter the dungeon”.

    I suppose that is his solution : tell they have a map until 2F… then, later, say that they have an update 😀

  10. Maybe its only the ‘2nd’ floor because they still have to confirm if the info is true, I also remember that Yu couldn’t get confusion and you thought (in the tln) that its because of the plant beast having no eyes but maybe because he has to concentrate to do this his main skill and confusion skill is its weakness… I remember someone being 133 and that it was a dwarf… Can’t remember if it was Joseph but in this story 133 is considered not an ‘old man’ if you are a dwarf.

  11. “Right now, the information of the dungeon is only covering the 2thF. If I may know, why do you need information on Yu Sato?”
    (tl note; if I remember Yu sold the info up to 12F? Why it’s only 2F?)

    Yu wanted give the map for avoid ppl will find the fairys but info from the 12 F was to much and the GM was hiding the info about him for avoid others know about him.
    He told Edea that they will hide it if i dont bad remember

  12. I think the 133yearold one is the guild master not joseph. As I remember, joseph (joestar?) was 34 when he said he was older than one of newbie hunting trio (forgot the name).

  13. “Are you sure you won’t regret this?”
    “The only thing I’ve regretted was when I lost my hair.”

    Nice reply Guild Master
    *Thumbs up*

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