35 comments on “Neta Chara chapter 17

  1. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
    ┃ Thanks! Nepu!! ┃
       |  /

  2. Hmm…. I’m intrigued to see what kind of man he’ll turn into in the future.
    ……..I absolutely don’t want to see him to become a useless boy who can’t even protect his harem though….

    • Maybe he goes for the support cheat road, and then make his harem get a Demon Lord or even a Demi-God power level. But looking at his character, his probably is going to be a vanguard I guess.

      Production cheat and Support cheat are so dreadful because you can create a cheat army.

  3. When you get your hopes up thinking that the xxx chapter within the next 3 chaps would be long but then its short lmao

  4. Uh oh, evil spoiler for 90 chapters from now… what aren’t you telling us? Does the Demon king get bent over and sodomized by Kent?

  5. I am still not sure what to think regarding his “skills”……should I think, “die you lucky b****ard!!!” or should I think, “poor b****ard…..hope his ‘sexual prodigy’ skills can keep him alive……”

  6. Is the card color really only an indicator of how many quests someone can take? So he has an infinite quest log? That doesn’t seem all that great, nor does it make much sense for something like that to be so important that the card distinguishes it like that.

    When I read through the raws using Google Translate, I thought the card color indicated how many jobs someone could have. We’ve seen that people have multiple jobs, and the jobs grant skill points and passive effects, which would make much more sense to have a limit and be important enough to show by card color.

    Are you sure the color is for “quest limit”?

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