83 comments on “TDADP chapter 91

  1. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
    ┃ Thanks! Nepu!! ┃
       |  /

  2. LOOL Cliff hunger on the place were the Lord of Death is COming Rage will erupt please do a double release for yesterday chapter that wasn’t release xDDD

  3. Cant wait until the girls see Yu when he goes take a bath after the fight. Wonder how they will act when they see his scars, for all I know Yu gonna have more people in his side xD

  4. moar ლ(=ↀωↀ=)ლ
    need to see Yu become Demon because them touch something that must never be touched
    and tha Anita really annoying in this chapter, at last Nina must give her some piece of word to her since Nina kinda have similar experience like them (kumutsuki Flower)

  5. Yup its time for some depraving. And making them look weak and feeble.
    Thanks for the translation and for the contributors.

  6. I am thankful for all of these chapters you push out. Sometimes they get a bit confusing, with the format being weird in english. Anyway, thanks for the steak~!

  7. Anita is a b*tch. first using Yu’s bath and eat his food then trying to take his comrades. She seriously acts like a minor villain and would seríously already been killed if she was a male

    • yeah but there is a whole clan of it so he doesnt have the time to torture unfortunately. Anitas behaviour really killed the day for me

  8. thx for the chapter,
    I don’t think it’s the right place but I don’t know where to put this. Is it possible to add previous / next chapter links on the page ? it would make it easier to navigate but I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of time to add it for all the chapters
    ps: go Yu : gotta kill them all

  9. leave one alive, make him spread the rumour of the bloodsoaked berserker…kid

    thanks for the chapter

  10. dear snow, about your translation. i saw review about tdadp in mangaupdates. telling that your translation doesnt lead to the perfection. sometimes the setences lead to close guess. sometimes you ask your audience to correct it but can lead more mislead sentences. i read in the comments that one of your dream is to perfect your japanesse or learn other laguages. i hope that happen. that would be great. i would still read your translation post even though they are not perfect because the people in review who know more about japanesse laguage say you have mistakes and missing lines. this could lead a bad publicity in your website. i hope you master your craft to make your websites content even better and to end of the critism from the review. i will always support you snow . i even willing give money to sponsored chapter even it has few holes. i suggest you hire an editor to proof read it if you want to. you taking your baby steps in translation. take your time. i know you can do better in the future

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    • cuz they don’t give a f*ck about it,its always the same “wait me here i do it alone” and ALL THE TIME they just say…nah we don’t bother to hear ur words about how u can do it in BEST way we just go along and MAYBE situation goest to worst way (capture one of teamate and threat mc with kill hostage or other NTR stuff) . I realy don’t get it.

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