15 comments on “Neta Chara chapter 20

  1. i think this pharagraph havent been edited yet

    request. “Miriaria like, because you think Kent like is Nagayu Let’s await earlier in the bedroom”  to say so, to dress the gown on top of the underwear. “Well, so Shiyokka. Kent ~, previously I’ll come early and I are waiting in the bedroom” and “ho ~ Lee, a little more from going After”  Miriaria-like, such as after a long time of being the so happy face care It will be. The other, body and mind will’re dyed in Kent like, I because I was also always smiling in happy when with a husband and household.  In order to protect the smile of Miriaria like, [sexual prodigies] as Kent-like skills of poison does not get left out impair the body, I also

    and thanks for the hardwork as always ~

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