44 comments on “TDADP CHAPTER 99

  1. I bet Yu hasn’t shown up yet because if he did, he would curbstomp everything and that wouldn’t be as exciting. Gotta let the side characters have their moment of glory too.

    • hmm ikr, idk when he will show up!but seeing his company was quickly back to the mansion, yu should arrive there too or in other side..
      cz he gone b4 his companion following him!!

      well maybe author has bad memories or he was drinking too much beer!
      but we just can bear with it for a while!!

  2. At the same moment…

    “Ugh, why is it like this?”

    Our protagonist, Yu, is lost in the woods, the reason was because the author got drunk…

    *slip* And now he slipped off a cliff, fortunately with his great reflex, he can grab the cliff’s edge and hang on it…

  3. From what I see from the raw, there are some parts you left out, some of it change the context, some even change meaning, should I point it out ?
    May be it just me though 😀

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  6. If Yu set out first and the girls were following him then where is he? Or did he manage to sendthem back to the house and he had gone where Joseph is?
    Also from previous chapter that Goria was a former knight of the holy church? How can a demi-human be a knight of the church which hates non-humans? Or was he previously human?

    So the factions so far: the church, the Immortal legion, Mussu, the adventurers guild (maybe together with Mussu) and the enchanter (who is maybe a former member of the church) and Yu’s party

    Thanks for the chapters!

  7. From the way I’ve seen ground shrinker used in other works, it isn’t teleportation, but it might as well be to the average joe.

    Basically, you can call it ‘flash step’ for something more recognizable. Possibly not exactly right on the mechanics, but completely right on the effects.

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