12 comments on “November stats

  1.      _∧_∧_
         ((∀`/  )
        /⌒   /
      (_ノ |||
    バンザイ Bansai
     ∧_∧ ∧_∧
    (( ・∀・ ))・∀・) )
    `\   ∧   ノ
     /  |/  |
    Looks like more people are gonna visit the site for your translations, congrats. (∗•ω•∗)

  2. Since those two projects got taken, why not try to contact senlung for next life since it looks like he’s been too busy to continue with it? And those TLer’s doing that is just RUDE… I would like to bitch-slap them, really.

  3. Hey snow, I was wondering where I might find your email? I’m an amateur writer (self-proclaimed) looking to chat!

    P.S. Great job translating! Keep it up!

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