32 comments on “Chapter 5 – Sleeping at Town

  1. Murder, MURDER!!! someone call the police…

    i am thankful for the translation, but dude you just killed the english language, then ran over the corpse with a truck and then lit it on fire

  2. This is engrish alright. Cant you just translate in your native language and have someone else who are better at english do this?

  3. Well thank you for helping me out.. We will need to find an editor for this series and I might be able to help a little with some sentences and little bit here and there when I reached home… ^^

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter… Glad to have an addition to the team.. Sooner or later you will be better on this thing.. Trust me.. Hehehe

  4. (TN: Hello, guys this Dynamis, I am the new translator of Sleep Learning. I asked snowfallsdown to let me translated this series until he can start translating him. English isn’t my first language so my translations are 100% perfect.)
    are –> aren’t
    I think you missed ‘not’ part when you said 100% perfect, lol.

  5. I think you need to stick with the 3rd POV when author tends to change POV to much.

    It’s like they are the same person, really…
    I dunno whose who’s inner dialogue…

    I dunno if I can be a decent editor tho, I’m quite interested~

  6. Sorry but I am going to have to drop this one. I really like the premise and everything but the editing is so bad… If you want I could help out with this part of it honestly. Shoot me a mail if you think that’d be ok: nv.fiserv@gmail.com

  7. not the best translation. but still thank you for the effort. way better than using GT.
    would love to be an editor if i had the time

  8. gin thaught the mc is a girl since he have the feature of a cute loli cat hhhh gin s grandfather want him to let the mc join his party gin still think that the mc is a weak girl that s why he refused .while gin was walking whith the mc to grape a meal they were serrounded by some adventures who think that gin is dating the mc it seems they also think the mc is a loli cat girl next time we may see mc s frightning power

  9. how frequently will the updates for this be? Because I really like the story so far, but I think it’s been a month since the last chapter T_T

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