19 comments on “The Falcon Immortal

    • Again, it’s an original story, written by me… How would there be illustrations yet… *Hollow laugh. I might sketch out some stuff but, well, that depends. (Drawing is a lot of effort.)
      It’s still a work in progress.
      As for summaries… I don’t want to make one until I write about 20 chapters to solidify the plot. XP

      • if some day you had a few hours to spare, and wanted to edit something different from snow’s, you could edit A fairy tale for the nephilim (Warning, it contains strong contents and black humor)

        • You don’t need that. Your grammar is 90% impeccable, the rest is punctuation. =_=
          I’m gonna end up just fixing your capitals and run-on-sentences. (By-product of the Italian language? I’ve never learnt Italian. I’m got Japanese, Indonesian, English and Chinese while learning German but never touched French or Italian… yet.)

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