3 comments on “Earth’s Core B6 C3!

  1. Hey, great story earth core!
    Where are all the comments?
    Why can’t I leave a comment below the actual chapter?

    I mean, this story is good, and I wonder if people don’t like it, or is it comment section for this story is not comfortable to use?

    • Hi! Thank you for commenting and liking the story!
      I’m not too sure about the comment section in the chapter’s page. I think it’s disabled for all the story here and it’s possible to comment only in the announcement post.

      I also assume that the site goes through some changes since for quite a while I stopped getting the Like notifications to my email and now I need to approve comments…

      It’s not really bothering me since at most I used to get a comment or comments but just from one reader. In my site, Lonahora.com, in RoyalRoad and reddit I receive comment regularly.

      Anyway, still appreciate the concern!

      • Oh, so that’s how it is!

        It’s time for me to check out your links, I want to read the comments of other people too!

        The story is good, mc is hardworking and not always godly lucky, I hope to find some kin-spirit!

        Thx for a great reading time.

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