2 comments on “Earth’s Core B6 C5!

  1. It was a bit hard to understand the movements of different groups in this chapter. Group A is doing something, whily groups B-E are watching, and somewhere in the middle of group D there is Zax, and somewhere there is someone else… And it’s all good and interesting, but a lil but hard to understand and diffirintate.

    English is not my naitive lang, so this situation is not nessesary your fault, dear author.

    But anyway, I understood all the moves after some repetitive reading.

    Thx for the chapter, can’t wait any longer, want to read all the fights and reactions ect

    • First of all thanks for sharing your thoughts!
      I get that it can turn out confusing. English is also not my native language, so comments like this help me find what to improve or rephrase. Hoping that tomorrow chapter will be more fluent.

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