2 comments on “Earth’s Core B6 C6!

  1. Dear author, you are definitely S-type!

    You tortue us (readers) with all that world-building and stage-preparing chapters (I know, I know. They are really needed to make it a good story, but still it hurts so much!)

    You tortue Zax with burning desire to smash someone’s skull.

    And I expect you to tortue that despicable molten’s pupils soon.

    So, do you have any objections? Not like they count anyway.

    But it’s still very stirring and interesting to read the story on the edge of creation. It’s a great joy to anticipate and exasperate!

    Thx for the chapter.

    P.s. It’s such a pity I have no friends with decent English level to read this with me 😦

    • Hahahaha! I guess this still require a thank you and you’re welcome!
      I know what you mean about not having friends to share your interests with. Although my friends don’t have problems with English, for most of them reading is a chore and the few who read like stuff that I find boring…

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