5 comments on “PRC chp 11

  1. Just some health tips…
    Vitamin C is not naturally produced by humans. Vitamin C removes toxins (poisons, heavy metals, bacterial waste products [this is the cause of sickness that is caused by bacteria]) and kills viruses.
    I had a virus, bad fever, took some vitamin C (around a teaspoon), and the fever broke in less than ten minutes. Bacterial based sickness takes longer, but vitamin C will help with the simptoms. One can not overdose on Vitamin C, if one takes to much, one will have a bowl movement, that is all, the one and only symptom from overdose. It is water soluble, meaning it can be taken with just water and it will be fine (food is optional).
    Vitamin C is a wonderful substitute (cheaper per unit and more oddly pure…) for lemons (it is like essence of lemon when crystalized, sour…).
    If you live in america, then you can buy crystalized vitamin c at trader joes.
    Immunization shots now have nano aluminum. Look up what nano aluminum is.. (Similar deal with fluoride)

    Lastly, i would like the thank the translator(s) for contributing to the community. The above is me hoping to help people for the future. Share the info… Kinda thing…

    • Is it fron the tl unadon? (On phone atm so can’t see who post it) if it was a yes, currently the tl was sick so there is no update for now. He come sometime to our discord chat channels. You can try your luck and ask him there if you want to see him.

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